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Saturday, November 11, 2017

A Veterans Story of Life

Thanks to Lieutenant  Bales!

The year 1968... 

Three days after the Tet Offensive started, Lieutenant Bales stood up to his commanding officer who had ordered him to take his reactionary squad into a territory with enemy activity.  The problem with this order was that a reactionary squad was not trained and properly armed to go into hostile territory, as their duty was to protect the perimeter. 

As a result of Lieutenant Bale's courage to stand up for his squad, the first calvary was called in. They went through the area with armor and engaged the enemy and a battle ensued. 

The first calvary was trained and had the equipment to fight the enemy. The reactionary squad did not. There were 26 young men who lived because of this brave Lieutenant. 

My husband was one of them. 

Bravery is also doing the right thing 
for the right reasons. 

In honor of all the veterans that were not as fortunate as this squad, who gave their lives and their futures, for the future of country, you will always be in our hearts and prayers. 

Happy Veteran's Day!


  1. YOUR husband, Karlene? Long before he met
    you, I'm sure. I'm curious: what were you
    doing around the time of this event?

    1. Probably mastering reading in the first grade! :)

  2. Reading? :)

    See CO give a bad order.
    See BALE disobey order.
    See years pass.
    See DICK meet KARLENE! :)

    SAIGON, 1968. DICK PETITT on

    Tell me about... my future wife.

    She is... learning.


    Learning - to READ!

    Oh... what?!!!! :)


  3. But, seriously... if it wasn't for BALE, all 26 probably would have been killed: And, all of your life, you'd have this persistent feeling that something was... missing BUT - you would not be able to figure out exactly what...

    What ever became of Lt. BALE?

    1. Dan, no kidding! I am not sure what happened to him. I hope one day we can find him. I wish I had a first name. We shall find him!


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