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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship

Applications Available! 

The Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Fund (AEMSF) is now accepting applications for 2018 scholarships. 

The 2018 AEMSF Scholarship applications are now available on the International website at :

Applications must be submitted to the Chapter AEMSF Chairman by December 1.

Awarded by The 99s, these scholarships can be used for advanced flight training or academics. The Vicki Cruse Emergency Maneuver Training scholarship is also available to members at this time. 

Applications must be submitted to your chapter chair or chapter AE scholarship chair by December 1, 2017. (If you are not a member of a chapter, submit your application directly to our Northwest Section Scholarship Chairs, addresses below.) Follow the instructions and guidelines on the scholarship webpage. Remember to complete all sections of the application, follow the instructions and deadlines for submitting your application, and be thorough and concise in your responses.

Tips For a Winning Scholarship 
can be reviewed HERE

Questions about the scholarships can be directed to our Northwest Section Scholarship Chairs:

Wendy Frazer ( and 

Tawni Swann (; 

Completed applications must be received by 
your chapter by December 1.

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 


  1. AMELIA... Intriguing pioneer. What do you think happened to her? There's lots of theories around...

    1. Dan, I have no doubt that she was captured and the US government knew. You must watch this video and you'll see why I believe this.

  2. Karlene, I tried that URL, here in Halifax, but
    I was not led to the video BUT - I went googling & found another. It was from the HISTORY channel. So, Amelia was captured? And, a rescue operation would have alerted the Japanese that their CODES had been broken?
    If I had been US President, at that time, I
    would have instructed the NAVY to send in
    a team of Japanese-Americans into the area
    where Amelia was being held. The team, of
    course, would have to be disguised as, say,
    fisherman - sailing around in a genuine,
    fishing boat: remember THE GUNS OF NAVORONE?

    1. Dan, Yes... she was. Can you imagine if the US had openly gone in to get her, that we may have entered the war earlier, but then Pearl Harbor might never have happened because we would have been on alert? The choices in life impact others for sure.

      It's so sad that our government could cover this up for so long. Thanks to the person who at least moved the photo so it could not be destroyed.


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