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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Good Bye B747

Friday's Fabulous Flyer

Last week I received an email from a friend about the flying on the last B747, and a heartfelt message about one of my books. I appreciate emails that can be used for blog posts especially with studying. And, they mailed me a copy of the Hemispheres magazine too! 

"Jane and I read the article that quoted you in Hemispheres Magazine on a UA flight today. We ❤️ loved what you said and was said about the 747 and it's history. I flew on the 747 many times as a passenger. 

On one flight where my Dad was the Captain and I was a teenager, I listened to Glen Campbell on the headphones while in First Class traveling from Dallas to London on the upper deck. Today, I rode the 767 from LHR to ORD and that same Glen Campbell song was on the movie "Guardians of The Galaxy". It was quite nostalgic for me.

Attached are photos from the recent flight that Daniel Jane and I took from San Francisco to London

Going to London and then Scotland for a family reunion last week, Daniel, Jane and I all rode on one of the last UA 747 flights from SFO to LHR. Our daughter, Elisa and boyfriend, Max also took the last 747 flight back from London to SFO. We all loved the 747 and were so lucky to experience it's majesty one last time before the history book closed.

I am also reading and loving your "Flight To Success" book. You are so right about everything you are saying in this book! I very much agree with your thoughts as it resonates in many ways with my personal life and what I tell others." 
Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 


  1. Karlene,

    The 74 is such a bad a** woman that she took a direct shot from a Cherokee 140 at 42,000 feet and kept on flying. When the DC-10 questioned her story, she pulled a Sully before there was a Sully and landed in the ocean and sank to the bottom while keeping her hull pressurized saving the lives of her passengers. They will never make anything like her again.

    I would have loved to driver her around the sky.


    1. Rob, she was an amazing woman for sure! A classic for sure. I'm going to try to make her Seattle going away party! So lucky to have flown her. A classic for sure! Thanks for the comment. Oh... and one day when all the movies are made, we'll buy one for a corporate plane, and you can fly her. :)

    2. Fly her?

      I ain't "Driving Mrs. Daisy" aka Karlene around. I want to be in the back having drinks with umbrella's in them.

      Let some other poor sap do all the work. I have no desire to do Bruce Dickenson's part time job. I wouldn't mind his full time job though. Ha ha

    3. Ha. Ha. Oh... I think you'll do the takeoff, and then we'll go to first class for the umbrella drinks. No work on this adventure. :)


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