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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Ups and Downs of Flying

It's not just about the 
takeoffs and landings! 

Kathy McCullough

Kathy and I became friends 18 years ago, when we were both flying the Boeing 747 at Northwest Airlines. Until I read her book, I had forgotten that Kathy learned to fly when she was only sixteen.  But the stories she shared of the Northwest days brought back many memories. 

It was a fun read about what it took for her to get to the captain’s seat of the 747, but she had her share of problems along the way. Kathy was hired by the Northwest Airlines in 1981, and at the time Northwest had a strong military presence and was extremely unwelcoming to women pilots. She put up with a lot in those days, and her sense of humor helped her soar through a wonderful career. 

Lily, Karlene and Kathy at WAI 2017

Today Kathy is active in ISA+21 (International Society of Women Airline Pilots) supporting female pilots, she never misses a Women in Aviation conference, she travels, is writing a travel book and a novel, and you will rarely if ever find her without a camera in her hands. She's an incredible photographer. 

You can see some of her photos on 
her photography website:

She was a cute baby too!

Kathy's book,
Ups and Downs
is on Amazon
in paperback and on Kindle.

And the Kindle version is 
from today, Tuesday, September 19 
through Saturday, September 23rd. 

The paperback version has black and white photos, 

This is a deal you cannot miss! 

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene


  1. Waaah....she is as amazing as you and you two were friends. I want to write a book and fly a plane too. If you can, I know I can too. My time might come a bit later. No worries.

    Wish me luck. You are my aspiration as always, forever and ever.


    1. Mima, you are amazing, and you will achieve all your dreams. I'm glad to have you as my friend, too. I know you will achieve all your dreams. You will fly and you will write your story. You are actually writing your story now, so you should start putting it in writing.

      Start writing the story of your ups and downs in pursuit of your dreams. Jet Star will publish it for you!

      XOXX Karlene


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