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Friday, September 29, 2017

The Final Journey

Norah O'Neil... 
Friday's Fabulous Flyer
Will never be forgotten 

Our friend Norah has taken her last flight on this earth. She passed a week ago Friday, with her children at her side.

Norah will be missed, 
but never forgotten. 

Her heart and soul will carry on in those she has touched along this journey called life. I am sadden to see her pass, but I am ever grateful to have known her. Over 145 of her flying sisters honored her at an ISA event, Wednesday night in New York at the play, Come From Away

2015 Come From Away in Seattle

Norah was with the ISA +21 pilots (second row to the left) when the show was in Seattle. She was also one of the founding members of ISA +21. While her physical presence did not make Come From Away on broadway, with her ISA sisters.  I do believe she was with us. 

Flyer's Prayer
By Patrick J. Phillips

When this life I'm in is done,
And at the gates I stand,
My hope is that I answer all
His questions on command.

I doubt He'll ask me of my fame,
Or all the things I knew,
Instead, He'll ask of rainbows sent
On rainy days I flew.

The hours logged, the status reached,
The ratings will not matter.
He'll ask me if I saw the rays
And how He made them scatter.

Or what about the droplets clear,
I spread across your screen?
And did you see the twinkling eyes.
If student pilots keen?

The way your heart jumped in your chest,
That special solo day-
Did you take time to thank the one
Who fell along the way?

Remember how the runway lights
Looked one night long ago
When you were lost and found your way,
And how-you still don't know?

How fast, how far, how much, how high?
He'll ask me not these things
But did I take the time to watch
The moonbeams wash my wings?

And did you see the patchwork fields
And mountains I did mould;
The mirrored lakes and velvet hills,
Of these did I behold?

The wind he flung along my wings,
On final almost stalled.
And did I know I it was His name,
That I so fearfully called?

And when the goals are reached at last,
When all the flying's done,
I'll answer Him with no regret-
Indeed, I had some fun.

So when these things are asked of me,
And I can reach no higher,
My prayer this day - His hand extends
To welcome home a Flyer.

Norah has been welcomed home!

Click on the Link above to read her story. 

Life is short, 
Remember to enjoy every moment. 

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene


  1. Although meeting her for a short moment she made An enormous impression on me.
    She was a true Flying Tigress!

    1. An, thank you for the comment. That was the best Flying event because you were both there!!!

  2. Norah was a gifted woman and pilot, and one that cannot be forgotten. I recall reading the outstanding FFF blog post about her and some years ago, I enjoyed reading her book. Thank you for this wonderful post, Karlene.

    1. Thank you for the comment Craig! Yes, she was a wonderful woman. We will miss her.

  3. She is shining and looking over us now with her illuminated golden wings and halo!


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