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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

MPS Launches ....

Generic Jet Training 
Device for APS or MCC 

"MPS has finalized the development of its Generic Jet Training Device (GenJet), which is an affordable device for FTO’s/ATO’s. The pricing of the GenJet and leasing or rental options (by the hour) enable even smaller schools to use an advanced Fixed Base jet Simulator from MPS.

The GenJet is a low-cost training device ideal for selection, APS, MCC, JOC, MPL2 and IFR training. The design is loosely based on the functionality of a popular modern passenger jet for 140 – 170 passengers. It is the perfect combination of a common Commercial Air Transport Category Aircraft with an OEM flight and performance model. The GenJet will be EASA certified as an FNPT-II/MCC device, prior to leaving the MPS factory."

MPS’ President and founder, Dick Verburg:
“Students are eager to obtain their pilot license. The challenge for flight training schools is to deliver airline ready pilots. This requires good selection of students and high quality MCC and JOC training. The quality of training is determined by the quality of the syllabus, the instructor and the simulator. With a high quality, advanced jet simulator like MPS’ GenJet, FTO’s can optimally prepare their students for the airline jet type rating.”

 About MPS

MPS develops, manufactures and maintains simulators, which are type specific and exact replicas of the Boeing B737 and Airbus A320 flight deck. Recently MPS expanded its product range with a Generic Jet Training Device. The simulators are based on the needs of flight training organizations and airlines for affordable, high quality devices that are specific for certain classes of jets. MPS delivers its products and services worldwide to Authorized and Type Rating Training Organizations, and major airline’s in-house training organizations. MPS has a global installed base of its EASA and FAA certified simulators."

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