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Sunday, September 24, 2017

"Two Cases" Of Female Pilots...

Will be delivered to the 
Aviation Industry soon! 

Saturday was 
Girls in Aviation Day! 

And we opened the door to the skies!

The Fun Continued On Sunday! 

When you have a good party going, it's hard to cut it short to one day only. Thus we flew both Saturday and Sunday. I think we gave 220 girls flights! Enjoy the photos, find your pilot, and leave a comment to thank all the pilots and ground staff, too. There were many people behind the scenes working hard at scheduling, and checking in the girls. Thank you all!

Paul and Megan (Natalie missing photo)

Stacy And Melissa
For All Your Hard Work! 

Stacy (Melissa missing photo) 

Links to all photos as the end of the post!

Flying Takes a team.

Sandy, Gen, Ann, Christy and Ann's friend! 

Huge Thanks to Our Ground Crew 
and our ERAU representatives too! 

Inspiring Education Beyond the first flight

Rheanna, Karlene, and Dan  

Ramp Crew Extraordinaire!





Amazing Pilots! 

Saturday Flight Crew: 






Sunday Flight Crew: 






Aviation sometimes has a mind of it's own. Sunday, we had a transponder fail after a first flight, followed by a magneto problem on the twin. Despite the many challenges, and having to cancel a few flights due to mechanicals, we had an incredible flying event with many happy young ladies! 

Two Cases of Female Pilots: 

For every young lady that stated... 

"I'm going to be a pilot!" 

We gave her an autographed copy of Flight to Success be the Captain of Your Life, compliments of Jet Star Publishing, to help guide her way into the sky. How many books did we give out? Two cases full! Meaning sixty new lady pilots will be joining us in the sky. A few engineers and an astronaut too! 

While all the girls didn't say flying would be their career choice, many of them conquered their fears just stepping onto the plane. But all these girls opened their minds and hearts to the many possibilities of life and a belief system that ...

Anything Is Possible!

For Making A 
Spectacular Weekend!

Karlene and Stacy 


Girls Fly Sunday September 24, 2017 Photos

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene 


  1. Karlene,
    That's fantastic! Looking forward to our new crop of lady pilots! Good going, girls!!!

  2. Karlene
    Lovely pics along with write up, yes if we can start sowing a seed of thought now in young people especially young ladies then it's a start. Even say if we only get 2 or 3 who take up flying ,and, further into aviation to an airline that is an achievement in it self. Nothing like this over here.

    Mark Nottingham

  3. Karlene,
    What a wonderful event for these young ladies. Thank you for inspiring them

  4. What a wonderful experience for ALL concerned, the kids, the volunteer pilots, ramp crews and so many others. The girls will never for get their experiences and I think it also fair to say that neither will the older participants. How many years has this event now been held? I'll also add that the extensive pix are outstanding. Thank you for sharing this with your readers. Wow!!


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