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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Pilot Jobs Wanted

Look What Came to My Attention!


Are you struggling to start 
your Pilot career? 

Apply to an A320 hour building program 
NOW and make your dreams come true! 

• Join a well-known European airline
• Collect 500 hours on A320
• Get a First Officer contract (earn from 40000 EUR per year)

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene 


  1. As I mentioned previously, my son, as many do, wants to be a pilot. My aggravation is the cost know. We have sent him up a couple of times at a cost of £130 for 30 minuits in the air. Thats pressure on the normal budgeting family.
    I would love to see airlines do a cadet scheme from a young age . I understand that flying wouldn't be an option but introducing the aircraft on the ground keeps the dream alive. It would also enrich other careers in the aviation industry, engineering, cabin ground crew etc. So come on U.K airlines how about it .

    1. James, I agree. The solutions appear simple, unless the airlines are counting on automation to take over and they won't need pilots. But, I will do my best to ensure airplanes require humans.

      You might find this post interesting. There are more thinking like you are....

  2. This is pay to fly and not something to be encouraged.


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