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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Eric Auxier

Looking forward to the New Year... It's fun to look back at the past and see what our Friday Flyers are doing today. Time to catch up with Eric Auxier! 

"Cap'n Aux" 
"2016 turned out to be quite a year, of adventure, and of change. Bunny and I started it off right, being guest speakers aboard Airways Magazine's Caribbean cruise. We met all manner of new friends on the cruise, and are looking forward to speaking again and meeting new friends on 2017's Airways Alaska cruise in May. Join us!

Our merger into "the New American Airlines" has been tumultuous, but I am glad we are finally "one, big happy family," and moving on with our lives. I am happy to retain the Left Seat of my precious A321 series Airbus out of my home town and home base of PHX.

2016 was a year of wins, and of loss. Sadly, Bunny lost her hero, her father, Artemio, age 95, a guerrilla freedom fighter in the jungles of the Philippines during WWII. He lived long enough, however, to learn that Bunny took the Bronze in the NPC National Bodybuilding championship!

I also published my 7th and 8th books, "There I Wuz! Volume 3," and "Code Name: Dodger Mission 4," which wraps up the "spy/fly" thriller series. Sad to see my good friend Justin Reed go, but excited for the rave reviews I've received for the book! In 2017, I'll be publishing Volume 4 of "There I Wuz!", and will finally start working on that long-awaited sequel to "The Last Bush Pilots."

While '16 saw a very dramatic and contentious presidential election, I have high hopes that '17 will bring a year of healing and prosperity, not only to the U.S., but to the world. Despite the challenges, I will continue to support Karlene in her crusade to thwart the "Race to the bottom" that seems to be going on in our airline industry, in regards to safety."
Thank you Cap'n Aux! 

Happy New Year!
XO Karlene 

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