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Monday, January 23, 2017

Life is Best With


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Writing is not an isolated effort, and each book I write, I make a point to thank all those people who have taken their time and energy to assist with the editing process. Those who include their valuable opinions on content and impressions, are so much appreciated. I also incorporate the opinions of those readers who leave comments on Amazon... good and bad, I listen. Readers do impact my writing and they have a voice with their comments. So thank you all! And thank all of you in my life who have supported this novel.

I also like to dedicate each book to my family, friends, or those who have inspired me along the way. Flight For Sanity, however, has a special dedication to those who do not sit silently and allow others to be harmed. Speaking out is the only way to create change. 

"Change does not take time…
Change takes people with 
integrity, courage, and fortitude."
Karlene Petitt


Flight For Sanity is dedicated all the people who demonstrate courage to speak out against injustice, expose corruption, and possess inner strength to do the right thing, despite personal ramifications. Your love of humanity and effort to improve the lives of others will never be forgotten. I am proud to stand beside you.

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

Author of:
I am Awesome. The ABCs of me. 

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