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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Rob Burgon

Blogging in Formation Update!   
Looking forward to the New Year... It's fun to look back at the past and see what our Friday Flyers are doing today. Time to catch up with Rob Burgon.


2017 started out snowy and cold for me. I was in the driveway scraping ice and snow off my car's windshield before the sun was up. I had been called out to fly an out-and-back from SLC to MCO—a long day with an early start. I took it slow as I started my journey to the airport over the snow-packed roads. The streets were mostly empty; the New Year's Eve revelers had likely just retired from the previous night's festivities.

I had just made a right turn onto the main road out of my neighborhood when I saw a car weaving up a side street towards me. Instead of stopping at the stop sign to give me the right of way, the car—a small, white hatchback going the wrong way up the side street—blew through the stop sign. I barely had time to swerve out of the way as the small car narrowly missed me, passing between me and the curb. The driver, most likely drunk, continued in the direction away from me on the wrong side of the road and disappeared down the next quiet neighborhood street. 

The entire incident happened in a matter of seconds. I stopped at the next traffic light and paused to reflect on what had just happened. 2017 just about started with a car accident and a missed trip, but it didn't. I had been spared physical injury and the hassle of calling the police, filling out accident reports, and dealing with insurance companies and a broken vehicle. The split second it took to swerve out of the way made all the difference.

2016 had plenty of swerving—it was the year I made major changes in my profession. I started flying with my Air Force Reserve squadron after making the transition from active duty, and I went through training and started flying with a major airline shortly after my transition to the Reserves. In addition to my career changes, my wife and I had our third (and FINAL!) child and moved the family across the country to get set up for our civilian job. Now that I think about it, to say that 2016 had "plenty of swerving" was an understatement!

I capped off 2016 with the release of my first published book, Piano Burning and Other Fighter Pilot Traditions. It was fun to capture in writing the oral traditions passed from one generation of fighter pilots to another. Over the brief span of my 12-year active duty career, I had seen many traditions slowly begin to fade. I wanted to preserve the rich heritage of fighter pilots past, if only on the pages of a book, so they wouldn't die out completely. 

As for my writing, 2017 has a lot in store. I've already begun working on my next book (shhh…the subject is under wraps for now!) I have revitalized Tally One and have taken on some other pilot/authors to help keep the content flowing.

Although I'm excited for what the year ahead has in store, I remain cautious. Just like the New Year's Day incident with the drunk driver in the hatchback, problems can lurk around every corner. My New Year's Resolution is to be constantly alert for such problems and prepared to deal with them at all times. 2017 is the year of vigilance and preparation for me. What does 2017 have in store for you? Check six"
Thank you Rob! 

Happy New Year!
XO Karlene 

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