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Monday, December 7, 2015

Focus On The Future

Monday Motivation

The Power of Focus! 

"Let me not wake up to dwell 
on the past.
Let me only dwell upon - 
the tasks that lie ahead."

~ by Eleesha,
Author of The Soul Whisperer
I love motivations from my friend Eleesha. These are the emails that I take a moment to read, ponder, and wonder how they apply to my life. This is one of them. With all that is happening in the world... news of terrorism, airplane crash reports, shootings, and the many injustices of the past... I will focus only on how to create change.
We are not superhuman to solve everything. But if we have passion in one area, and something needs fixing that is where to apply our focus. Take your thoughts from fear of what is happening and place that focus on problem solving... you can create change.  The deeper I dig into my PhD, the more passionate I feel about what I am doing to fix the industry. 

Join me on my journey to create change... 
Help me with my  

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene


  1. Karlene,
    Good point. All our passion for positive change will wipe out the scumbags that would destroy the world for their twisted ideology.
    Love conquers all!

    1. Oh, there are twisted many places. Some overt and others playing the game. All we can do is focus on making it right. Thanks for your comment! Looking forward to the end of the month!

  2. Excellent points. And very appropriate to how I try to conduct my life both privately & professionally. Problem solve with passion & conviction!

  3. Thank you Grant! I just saw a great movie, the Martian. The astronaut said at the end of the movie, something to the effect of, "When you think you can't go on... You solve the next problem. You don't give up. You just keep solving problems... eventually you make it." If you focus on life with that mindset, with passion and conviction you will live a strong life. Thank you for your comment!


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