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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Beaver

The Best and the Worst Gift of the Year! 

A Beaver might be that gift. 

Last year (2015) we gifted a Beaver to my sisters' significant other to enjoy on their lake.  Nothing could be better than sitting on your dock in Seattle, with a cocktail in hand, playing with your Beaver.  

However, what has transpired is he has been working his Beaver all year, and has yet to fully take advantage of the joy of his toy. You see, his Beaver was missing parts, and had broken pieces, and she was just not ready to fly. So, after a year of challenges working with her and preparing to play her what happens? 

Regulations Change! 

Now he has to register his Beaver before he can take full advantage of her. What has this world come to when the government wants you to pay $5 to play with your holiday Beaver! The good news is he has had time to play with a simulated beaver to learn how to use his properly. 

I'm guessing we'll get him a bottle of Scotch this year.

Happy Holidays! 
What is your Best and Worst Gift?

Enjoy the Journey

XOX Karlene 


  1. It's an insane world we live in when one has to register their radio controlled airplanes due to terrorism. SO sad. A bottle of scotch may indeed be the key this year. ;) To me, the best gift is always a book.

    1. A book is always the best gift to me too. Or a warm hug!! Merry Christmas!!!


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