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Friday, December 18, 2015

Susan Friedenberg

 Friday's Fabulous Flyer
Susan Friedenberg
Susan Friedenberg

Susan C. Friedenberg started her aviation career in 1970 where she pent the first 15 years of her aviation career flying for American Airlines and then Capitol Air. She has been involved in Business Aviation for the last 30 years flying both as a contract flight attendant with a coast to coast clientele list and as a full time flight attendant for Coca Cola Company, DuPont Aviation and American Standard Companies.

In 1999 Susan started her own training company called "The Corporate Flight Attendant Training Program" and today she teaches her training course in Long Beach, California and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She also conducts In-House training classes for clients globally as well as in the US. Susan does consulting within the business aviation industry/community and also does contract flying upon request.

She is committed to raising the standards within business aviation where it pertains to the third crew member. She has been published in numerous business aviation trade journals globally as a pro-active advocate for Corporate Aviation Flight Attendants and lack of FAA regulations where it is applicable to the third crew member on private aircraft. Her professional mission in life is to have the United States Congress implement and pass legislation requiring professional flight attendants on all business aircraft of a specific weight level and seats in addition to all business flight attendants being required to have corporate aircraft specific emergency training and attend yearly recurrent training.

Susan was an active sitting member on the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Flight Attendant Committee in Washington, DC for ten years. She held the position of Scholarship Chairperson for the Flight Attendant Committee for two years. In that time she raised $44,650 in educational scholarships for the corporate flight attendant. She served as the NBAA Flight Attendant Committee Vice Chairperson for one year. She represented Contract Flight Attendants throughout the United States on this committee for five years. She now serves on this national committee in the capacity of an esteemed advisory consultant.

Susan was awarded by Women In Corporate Aviation, VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR for 2011 for raising $25,000 in scholarship awards in 8 weeks. And she is an Advisory for Dr. Beau Altman's (Founder of FACTS Training) EASI Training; Executive AirTraveler Safety Instruction and teaches human factors for Dr. Altman's training from time to time. 

Susan is a monthly contributor and Consultant Editor on Corporate Aviation Flight Attendant training, food safety and aircraft safety issues for business aviation in numerous International online and print magazines: Blue Sky produced by Newslett Publishing in the UK, Universal Weather & Aviation, Aviation International News and Business Aviation Advisor. 

She has also been a participant in BLOGS for business aviation experts in their respective fields created from Forbes Magazine entitled ForbesBlogs. Susan is highly respected and considered an expert in business aviation. She speaks at various conferences globally on many topics reflective of the professional role of the business aviation flight attendant.

Susan also actively speaks out about Horse & Carriage tourism/animal abuse in Philadelphia and volunteers for a No Kill Animal Shelter in Philadelphia, Operation Ava. 
Susan is also a Comedian and does stand-up comedy in Philadelphia and Atlantic City area comedy clubs! She resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 

I'm not sure about you... 
But I would love to have a 
professional comedian 
conducting my training! 

How To  Find Susan:

Susan C. Friedenberg - President & CEO
Corporate Flight Attendant Training & Global Consulting
241 South 6th Street - Suite 1806
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106 USA
Telephone - 215.625.4811 - FAX 215.413.9013
SKYPE - susan.friedenberg

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