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Friday, November 6, 2015

NTSB and TWA 800

Friday's Fabulous Flyer:

This week I had the great opportunity to meet some incredible people. And a few of them worked for the NTSB, and were involved in the TWA800 investigation. During the course of these days I was able to put something into perspective. 

While we often refer to the NTSB as an entity, the reality is that the NTSB is an organization composed of hard working, ethical, responsible and focused individuals. The NTSB is not an entity, but the people who work there.  I met a few of these incredible people at the IASS conference.  There is no possible way they would ever cover up anything.

I know I suspected a missile blew up TWA 800, for what I perceived as small fix because the plane was not grounded. Perhaps I also did not want to believe a perfectly good plane would blow up on its own. But the reality is, after meeting the people behind the investigation, I was able to put the human into the equation of the investigation, and not the entity. I also learned some things about the investigation, that I did not know. One of the inspectors said that if anyone has any questions he would be willing to answer them.

While there are often unethical people in any organization, that does not mean the organization is bad in itself, nor does it mean the other employees are disreputable by association. Besides, the NTSB is one of the most transparent organizations there is. In my assessment of the people I met, there is absolutely no way that these individuals would conspire a cover up of any kind for any reason. 

The power of perspective is awesome!

Join me in thanking the employees of the NTSB 
 for the outstanding job they do!
 I'm not sure how they do it at times. 
But I'm thankful for the detailed reports I use often.

Enjoy the Journey
XO Karlene


  1. Karlene,
    There certainly are a lot of doubters, disbelievers, and conspiracy theorists who either believe or want to believe in the missile theory vs the fuel tank. The biggest problem I have with that is the total lack of any evidence for a missile. Although there are some gaps in the fuel tank theory too, it does seem to be the best fit to all of the available facts.

    Perhaps in the end that is the key point. There is no evidence that contradicts the cause being a fuel tank explosion, while there is no evidence that supports a missile (eg MH17). Just a lot of theories and wishes and desires that it wasn't the tank.

    1. Paxview... Thank you for your comment. As you know, I'm working on my PhD, which is a huge learning experience. Part of which I'm experienced numerous unintended consequences of learning. One of which has created the ability to see that rarely is anything ever absolutely conclusive. We must form theories, hypothesize and deduce in the best manner possible in attempt t solve the issue. Sometimes seeing what's not there is the answer.

      Thank you for your thoughts!

  2. Karlene,

    Still very hard to buy that an airplane "just blew up" especially when in the entire history of powered flight, it has only happened once.

    I agree that the men and women of the NTSB are wonderful people and their job is one that I would never want because they only show up to work when something bad happened. They never get to investigate a flight where it went as planned.

    1. Rob, I agree... it is hard to believe. But the discussion about intent when the FBI showed up was, "we are going to get them!" Everyone was in the mindset to find the answer...and they all thought it was from an outside source. But as the individual said, "we simply could not find anything to prove that."

      Also... could you imagine showing up to the job after the worst has transpired, and then you make recommendations and the FAA won't take them! Oh man...I don't know how they do it.

      I'm reading reports that the FAA knew in in 1996 training issue problems and issues that could have helped many of the automation related accidents. They did nothing, despite their own department recommending changes.
      We have so much work to do!!!
      Thank you for your comment!

  3. There was a documentary film made that examined the 'evidence' for the missle theory, including chemical residue and Mach-4 radar traces.

    1. Paul, Thank you for providing a link to another side! Without a full understanding, nothing will ever be resolved.


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