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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Veterans Day!!


This week someone sent me a quote.... And then I found this photo on my friend Rob Aker's blog. Yes, it is the same quote! Is there a message here?

This is the difference between Veteran's Day and Memorial Day.  Photo from yahoo. 
To all those who stood, died, and made a difference.....

Thank you!!! 

Happy Veteran's Day. 

And now... please read a heartfelt blog from 
Author. Pilot. Veteran. Good Guy.

Enjoy the Journey!


  1. Thank you Karlene. Perhaps a very long time ago, been there and done that. Today, so few remember.
    I'm looking forward to reading more lessons learned and your insight from same, following your recent IASS meeting. Spreading the word and promoting safety at every opportunity is the principal reason that such meetings are held. Your own academic and professional interests make you the ideal reporter - and thank you! Standing by for as much as you can find the time to write. (-Craig, of Cedarglen)

    [I hope your little Care Package has arrived.]

    1. Thank you Craig! The meeting was incredible and so much more to come. Integrating much of what I learned into my current work. After listening to my CEO speak, he gave me courage to do what needs to be done. Messages everywhere!
      And....thank you for sending this message, or my care package may have been in hiding until I decorated for Christmas!! Email coming!

  2. Karlene,

    Now I have got to act right and fly straight because all the important people will be over at my place. You know I wasn't prepared for guests, I forgot to vacuum, there are Little Debbie wrappers all over the place and it has a strong stench of man smell.

    Oh well, might as well welcome everyone over and break out another box of Suzie Qs, Star Crunches, and Oatmeal Cookies. Party at Rob's!

    Seriously, thanks for the shout out and the very kind words.


    1. Rob, I for one am looking forward to the party. And... don't bother vacuuming... we'll add the mess!
      Thank you for dropping by. And for sending me the best photo.

  3. Happy Veteran day.! Nice sentence géneral Patton.


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