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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rainier Flight Service

Women Of Aviation week
is one week away!

March 3rd -March 9th

The world will be inspiring women 
to climb into the plane and take flight.

Rainier Flight Service tells us why they are donating a Cessna 172, for two days, to take the girls flying. YES... Two days of free flying thanks to the great folks over at Rainier Flight Service!

Gordon says, "For the past several years I have read countless articles lamenting the decline of general aviation. Everyone is quick to toss out statistics proving the decreasing number of pilots, aircraft purchases and fuel sales are due to increasing costs. 

The high prices of gas, insurance and maintenance are creating an industry where only the privileged can participate. To compound matters, barbed-wire fences surround airport perimeters presenting a very unwelcoming impression. What I don’t hear are many solutions. While I don’t have a simple fix for our industry’s issues I do have a simple concept that will get us in the right direction. 

One thing that hasn’t changed is the passion for aviation. Children still look up when they hear an airplane flying overhead. People still park cars and watch jets takeoff and land at their nearest commercial airport. But what we have done is create barriers to not allow these people to participate and share their passion. High costs have created financial barriers. Fences are erected as physical barriers. But worst of all, we have created an emotional barrier as an industry by saying you cannot participate unless you have the money.

This short-sightedness is, in my opinion, the largest contributing factor to the decline in GA.

Now don’t get me wrong. I own a flight school. It takes money to pay rent, salaries, utilities…and it isn’t cheap. Revenue is what keeps us in business. But equally important is creating a welcoming atmosphere and opportunity to participate – no matter your age, gender, race or income. If you can’t afford the $10,000 right away to get a pilot certificate and are turned away – that is our failure as leaders in this industry! Instead we need to bring you into the fold with open arms.

Maybe while you are saving up to take lessons next year you can start studying the ground knowledge. (There is no end to education in aviation) And while you are doing that attend FAA Safety Seminars, visit trade shows, get involved with aviation charities and bring your friends to fly-in pancake breakfasts. Even if you drive-in I guarantee you are just as welcome. Most of these events are entirely free and the people you will meet lead to opportunities you can never imagine!

At Rainier Flight Service
we are trying to do our part!

Our goal is to host at least three events a month with a combination of social, educational and fun themes that don’t cost a dime. And if none of our events pique your interest, attend any of the multiple events happening all over Puget Sound. The Event Calendar on our website lists all aviation-related events in the Seattle area so you can always see what is coming up. 
Bring your friends and family. Expose as many people as you can to aviation and let your passion become infective. To survive we need to gain in numbers in the short-term which will lead to a long-term prospering industry."

Gordon Alvord
Rainier Flight Service

Please join me in thanking Gordon for donating a plane and for sending us one of his fabulous instructors. Kate, THANK YOU for coming to fly with us!

The great people over at Renton Airport at Rainier Flight Service are doing their part. And when I start flying small planes again, this is the flying club where you'll find me hanging out!

How will you inspire someone 
to fly next week?  

If you want to take a free flight... go to 
Women of Aviation Week

Select: Participate/View events and register
Find your country, state, city then register! 


  1. Kudos to Rainier Flight Service! This is exactly what I've been talking about is missing at my home airport.

    1. Thank you Theresa!! You are awesome and this was my home airport too. Were it all started! Brings great memories.


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