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Monday, February 24, 2014

Inspiration: TBB Cool Kids

This weekend I was at the Western Washington Aviation Trade Show and met so many wonderful people doing incredible things with their lives revolving around aviation. I want to thank everyone who dropped by our booth, chatted, and especially those who took home a copy of Flight For Control and/or Flight For Safety. I really appreciate your support!!!

I will be spending the next few weeks introducing you to some incredibly talented people I met at the event, and all they have to offer. But I promised today to someone special.

Years ago in college days, my son-in-law Torrey (married to my youngest daughter) wrote a few songs and put them into an album. His brother, who happens to be living in London now, invested in a movie and introduced one of the songs to the producers. They created a video (without Torrey knowing) and one day he received a copy of his song. What a surprise to see your college "goofing around" talent come to life many years later.

Torrey's video: TBB Cool Kids

"The video was shot in one day in East London. The video address’s that human interaction that has been around for generations - ‘Cool’ versus ‘Not Cool’. Although today’s headlines tend to focus on the very serious and negative impacts of bullying, the video takes a more positive look and aims to portray the idea that you will make it through, and things will get better. Those who thought they were the cool kids early on, simply end up being envious of those they once bullied. I hope you enjoy the song and video."
 Please click on the YouTube link (bottom right of photo) to go to YouTube!

I love this song. Love the video. And I love the premise. I want to help Torrey get as many hits as possible on You Tube. So check out the video, like it, and then come back and read how this all came about.  

More about the video:
"My buddy and I had a musical duo in college (TBB) and played small venues playing cover songs while also writing our own material. After we graduated college, we purchased an 8 track recorder to mess around with. We put together and ‘produced’ a cd from it. ‘Cool Kids’ was on that album. The song’s narrator seems to be a disillusioned city dweller. He dramatizes his social status and has visions of anarchy and apocalypse. This narrator looks to ‘cool kids’ as an entity that must be infiltrated. What is interesting about this song is that it paints young males as some kind of actors in a play. Their props- alcohol and women. For them, the appearance of having a strong warrior pack is more important than individual love and desire."  

Can You Help me make TBB Cool Kids video go Viral?

And Thanks for a great weekend Eric!

Such an inspiring weekend!
Eric, alias Cap'n Aux, was a great house guest, and sold many of his fabulous books: The Last Bush Pilots and Code Name Dodger. And he's donating 50% to charity! 
Stay tuned for more as Women of Aviation, and Women in Aviation, are just around the corner. Oh... and wait until you see my new airplane(s)! Photos coming.

And Thank you for watching Torrey's Video!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. Thanks for sharing! here is the comment I just posted on YouTube:
    "Well done! As a parent of a 4.5 year old, this hits very close to home; I worry about all the pressures and un avoidable struggles she'll undoubtable face while growing up."

  2. Awesome video, and hope you had fun at the conference! I'll make sure to share on Twitter.


  3. Thanks for posting this, Karlene. And great video, Torrey!

  4. Just wonderful. ANd so important. There is no excuse for a child to be bullied.

  5. Karlene, this video is amazing and needs to be shared en masse. This has become a very serious problem which has ultimately lead to untimely deaths for many youth. Social media has also shown it's ugly side which has empowered this topic through "cyber-bullying"

    Thank you for sharing Torrey's video so that we can use cyber-space to spread this message.

    Congrats to both you (your sequel) and Torrey for this awesome song / video!


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