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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Amelia's Plane

At the Northwest Washington Aviation Trade Show last weekend I met some amazing people. And Kim Star was one of them. I am still in awe of her talent. I want this painting! While not many of us would have the room to hang a painting this size, could you imagine having an oil painting of this quality painted of your plane?

“Amelia” 4’x 6’ original oil on canvas 
"In the last 25 years, Kim Starr has created classic paintings and works on paper for corporate and private collections. Her extraordinary art hangs in public spaces, world-class resorts and homes throughout the world. Hilton hotels, Hyatt resorts, and the Sheraton properties proudly display her art. The success of her gallery exhibits has been overwhelming."  
I borrowed that from her website...someplace where you should visit to learn more about Kim and her work.

I believe this is her first aircraft painting, and she would love to paint your plane! Check this out and if you are interested... please contact her. You can find contact information is on her website.
For more on Kim go to
I am in awe of the talent of this woman
Kim... you are amazing! 
Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. WOW! I love this painting! Kim is definitely an amazing artist and will visit her site to see her other work. She really does bring aviation to life! Thank you so much Karlene for mentioning her! The connections keep going on....

    Hope you are doing well out west!! XOJ

    1. Thank you Jeremy!! I love it too. We're doing great out west! Hopefully you will be curled up with a book, a cup of coffee and hid away soon!

  2. Great Photo...that cannot be a painting. It looks too real. That is absolutely amazing, I cant draw a straight line with a ruler. Ms. Kim is a truly talented person.

    I saw the real Mona Lisa at the Louvre once, very cool but I was underwhelmed by it's lack of size. Like a 8 1/2x 11 picture. I think the frame was much larger than the actual painting.

    I would love to have an airplane so I could get a big painting like this and then I could build a house big enough to hold it. It all starts with the airplane.

    1. Rob, the photo here doesn't do it justice. The color and reality. But when you get close you can see it actually is an impression and not photo perfect. The colors are phenomenal. Yes... it all starts with the plane. I know the house it would be perfect in. I suspect I will have to win the lottery. As the million plus dollar home I want needs major remodeling. It also has a helipad... you know what that means. Okay... lets start with the plane.


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