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Monday, February 10, 2014

Living the Dream...

Living the Dream: 

"I've been humbled and thrilled to see it going viral, getting nearly 20,000 hits in 24 hours! Many news sources are sharing it as well!  If you ever wanted to see what I do during a typical "Day at the Office"—warts and all—now's your chance!  
Tip: watch to the VERY END!"
Eric "Cap'n Aux" Auxier 
If you didn't know you could click A Day in the life of an Airline Pilot above... you can click here: 
Pilots are chick magnets? 
I want to be one!

Enjoy the journey!!
XOX Karlene


  1. yeah that is a great video! I ran into it on Reddit the other day.

    1. Thanks Steve, I love it. And the ending. So I thought that will be my Grandson one day. lol

  2. LOL, very nice, Karlene! Thanks for the share!

    We just hit 30k views, with no end in sight...NYCA is about to feature it; I'm writing up an intro for it as we speak.

    Still humbled and honored—so glad to give folks a realistic (and humorous) glance into our typical "Day at the Office!"

    1. You deserve the accolades! and as I said in the Vimeo comments, your production values are on par with a professional (I am Steve from my "FlightChops" YouTube channel, and your video makes me feel like I need to work harder on mine :)

    2. Haha step up your game, Stevie! I'm on your tail! :D

    3. Eric, that is so awesome!! You did a great job with this... and Steve it right: Great Accolades for sure! And Steve, everyone in this together can work together. Your videos are awesome and you know I would love to share them for you too!!

  3. Like many others, I've already seen Eric's short film and I'm still LMAO; he's a most talented fellow. His books are even better. I've yet to see any writer develop characters or write natural dialogue with his degree of truly natural skill. Both of you 'may' be pilots because you enjoy the work, but neither of you would starve if writing had to become a 99% occupation. both of you truly have both the gift and the skill-set to write mass-market fiction. Congratulations! (And a salute to Eric as well, (I still owe him a review!) Best wishes to my flying writer friends (or, perhaps flyers who write?), -Craig

    1. Craig, Thank you so much for the wonderful comment. Eric's talent is amazing for sure. Did you know he is coming to Seattle for a weekend to attend the Western Washington Aviation Fair? We'll be out there meeting people and selling books. Wish you could join us.
      Thank you so much for the wonderful comment! A perfect way to start my day!!!


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