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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Cabo Contract

I have been having a great time reading aviation novels. For all those who don't have time to read, I'm a living testimony that we can make time. And it's well worth it. Quite often for me it's in the tub at the end of my day, or at the gym at the beginning. But the fun I have entering another world is like none other.

Today is all about the Cabo Contract

While we got to meet Colin Pearce in the Viper Contract playing with military jets and a world of terrorism... they are at it again. Both author Chris Broyhill and Colin Pearce have embarked on yet another adventure. This time in the corporate world. 

What if you were recovering from multiple gunshot wounds when the love of your life (that you allowed to walk out of your life) calls you for your help?

Sarah Morton, the woman Colin has never forgotten, is the Chief Pilot for a corporate flight department and needs Colin to fly her Gulfstream for a two-week contract. Nothing is as it appears. Sarah is married... and desperate. Despite the voices telling Colin he should stay home and abide by his CIA doctor's orders to recuperate, he cannot help to follow the fear in her voice.

This complex story is wrapped around an alliance with between the US and Mexico, Mexican Gangsters and Arab Terrorists... the CIA and boarder patrol. What in the world is going on?

To not ruin the story... the reader is taken into the cockpit of some fantastic flying. Characters are fun, and Colin is still everyone's heart-throb. And this novel, Colin doesn't fade into the sunset on the romance scenes. You are taken on an adventure of a lifetime.

The Cabo Contract
 Another great success

Nice Job Chris. And for anyone thinking about ordering his book, it's well worth the read and the kindle version is on Amazon. 

From Mexico to Alaska... next week I have another great adventure to share.

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

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