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Friday, January 11, 2013

Michelle Bassanesi

Friday's Fabulous Flyer

With The Air Race Classic Rapidly Approaching... 
Okay... it's not starting until June 18th, 2103, but trust me, it will be here before we know it... I want you to meet one of the pilots.
Racer number 16 celebrating her 51st Birthday 

Two-time Friday Flyer~

Michelle’s favorite quote: 
"Impossible is ... only a stepping stone to success!" 

We met Michelle last August, and look where she is now...

Michelle tells me:
  • My brother and I are now leading the company my grandmother started over 40 years ago!
  • I have just passed my European Mult-iengine instrument renewal and flight instructor and instrument flight instructor renewals in the UK. Weather was perfect! The flight instructors and examiners were very professional and friendly. Shoreham-by-Sea is a very unique and historical airport and I am glad to have had the opportunity to fly here for the second time.
  • I have been offered a job with Turkish Airlines Flight Academy as a flight instructor. I am waiting for their HR department to set up an appointment for the interview in January. 
  • I continue as an extremely proud 99s PPLI senior navigator and have had some SUPERSTAR mentees/captains! 
  • This year during the Aviation and Women in Europe Conference in Istanbul we had 7 sponsored students, very enthusiastic and intelligent young ladies. Motivating our future! 
  • I am continuing towards my BS in Aeronautics with ERAU, expected graduation 2015.

Michelle is no novice in the brains department. Through her life she's experienced much and is putting this experience in the interest of safety. She's got some great ideas.

  • Together with the recurrent and emergency simulator training my thought is to use virtual reality scenarios using programs like Second Life. Coordinate this not only with the pilots but also with the cabin crew ... to increase CRM practice as in these scenarios they need to work together just like on the real aircraft.
  • Have flight students visit ATC facilities, to find out that the controllers are real human beings.
  • Teach students pre- and post-flight procedures and best practices ALWAYS, even only as private pilots. 
  • My near miss in the traffic pattern during training in a C172: NEVER ENOUGH EYES and EARS. Let the student know they are ALWAYS PIC ... and that may mean even saying NO to a controller.
What are YOU doing in Aviation Today?
Oh... and remember to check out Michelle's Blog
My Unique View of The World 

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. I love the attitude and determination of Michelle. As someone who is also starting on a new adventure, at an age the world considers late, I admire her willingness to leap into the deep end of the pool with no fear. It is easy to sit on the couch and wish away life, and it is doubly difficult to start over when the backpack of life is full of experience.

    Good for Michelle and thank you for finding her and telling us about her story. I don’t know where you find all these folks but I am blessed because of your research.

    1. Rob, Thank you so much for the comment. You know, at 50 some people think their life is half over... there are others who are just beginning to live.

      She's one of those that lives with all she's got. Despite anything the wind blows in her path.

  2. Thank you Rob and Karlene,
    You would be amazed at the power of apparently simple jestures such as setting a timeline and putting the dream on the fridge!

    1. Putting our goals in writing makes them a reality. Seeing them daily creates a reminder. Knowing they are there, makes it all possible. You are amazing Michelle! See you at the Women in Aviation Conference!


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