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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Good Morning 2013!

 New Years Resolutions Commence:

For me, this year is about Kindness, Health, and Accomplishment through discipline. 
  • No Sugar
  • Mediate, Yoga, and Workout daily
  • Study A330 daily
  • Paint Three Paintings and Donate. 
  • Learn how to Write a Screen play
  • Perform an Act of Kindness daily. 
  • Publish: 
    • Flight For Safety
    • I Can Because I am
    • Flight To Success        
What are your resolutions?   


  1. Karlene, you have some very nice resolutions. They all should come into fruition throughout the year. We always should strive to do kindness. You have done so much for so many, myself included. As for me, my resolution is to take the resolution concept of New Years and make it daily. Just as each year is a new year. Each day is a new day. Step by step. To stay positive and to never let anyone underestimate our value of what we have to bring into the world. Our talents. Oh and to finish Flight For Control two more times for a total of 7. Seven is a special number to me. Well find out why in March... Ok the Starbucks triple shot has settled in nicely. ;)

    1. Oh... this is so funny! Seven is a very special number for me too!

      Thank you so much. I think that the New Year is such a great time to resolve to do better. We can always have room for growth. far, so good! I'm on track.

      I will never underestimate the value we can bring into the world. We just have to make an effort. Happy New Year my friend!

  2. Those are excellent resolutions! I still need to write mine and put them in stone. A very happy new year to you my friend!

    1. Thank you Heather. I think the putting in stone is the key. Looking forward to yours. I am so happy to have you as my friend! This is going to be your year of the greatest success!
      Happy New Year!!!

  3. Excellent resolutions. Someone once told me, pick the battles you can win, win it and move on. My goals for the year are much simpler.

    Be at home more and finish my book.

    Life is good!

    1. Simplicity is good. But with resolutions, as in goals... what does "more" mean. If you want more money, I could give you a penny and you would have more. Perhaps I go overboard, and normally make enough resolutions for the entire neighborhood, but this time I, too, simplified. It's all about perspective. lol.
      Happy New Year!

  4. Excellent resolutions!
    Good idea to write them down. That does seem to make a difference.

    Thanks for the reminder and the inspiration!

    1. Thank you Brent. Yes, I think putting them out there is the key. We have a higher chance of accomplishment if we tell everyone. I can hardly wait until next year when I can write down... "Accomplished!" on all. lol. Time will tell.
      One day at a time.
      Happy New Year!!

  5. Excellent Resolutions for New Year 2013. Really in the begining for New Year many persons take these types of resolutions. Thanks for sharing such a nice post on New Year Seattle 2013. Wishing you very Happy New Year for 2013.

    1. Thank you. And that party on New Years Eve looked like a blast! Happy 2013!

  6. Hehe... all the best to your upcoming project... but may I know what is that 'Flying to success' project? is it also a book??

    By the way, I'm trying to get my super cool senior name Shaun to be featured as Friday Fabulous Flyer. He's really one amazing pilot. For real... I admire him the most among most of pilot that I know in my workplace and for being one cool senior, I think he suits to be featured as one of your FFF.

    1. Hey Mima, Thank you! Yes... a book. Okay, write up the Friday Flyer for your super cool friend. Send pictures... and we'll make him a Friday's Fabulous Flyer!


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