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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pilot In Command

Scott Nyholm is currently flying as a Dash 8 Captain in Brisbane, Australia. He's worked in charter, skydiving, and instructed at all levels during his career. And recently created and brought a product to market called Pilot in Command.

Lets hear what Scott has to say about Pilot In Command:

Through my experiences over the last few years, as a pilot myself, but also through my studies, I have been inspired to create Pilot In Command, which is an iPhone application. 

Pilot In Command lets you keep track of your flying performance, by logging the errors you are making during your flights. We all make errors, despite our best efforts, and this is true of pilots at all levels of aviation.

What Pilot in Command allows you to do is to analyse these errors, through beautifully clear color graphs which tell you key statistics about your flying performance. The app also incorporates a simple model which allows you to better understand the risks associated with the errors.

Pilot In Command will help you answer the following general questions:
  • Which phase of flight you are making the most errors?
  • What type of errors am I making?
  • What error producing conditions am I susceptible to? E.g. Fatigue, high workload, etc.

But also, you can quickly answer specific questions about your performance, by manipulating the data, like:

  • Have I reduced the number of takeoff errors this month?
  • In the last 12 months, what percentage of my errors were due to stress?
  • Have I reduced procedural errors since my last check?

Armed with this information, the aim of the app is that you can then make targeted changes to improve your flying. Within the app, you can set up a simple action plan. The action plan lets you set a goal, link any errors associated with the action plan, and check off when you complete your goal.

The app has a summary page which allows you to see key statistics and trending information. So even before consulting the graphs for in depth information, you can get a quick overview of your performance.

The emphasis in the data entry page is on simplicity, but also I wanted to help you in your selections, with some guidance, so that you come up with the most accurate results. Of course you can pin protect your personal data too.

By using this app, you will become more aware of your weaknesses, and therefore also your strengths, as a pilot. If you start to follow the process the app takes you through, you will be more aware of the anatomy of an error, and how to conduct risk assessments.

I invite you download Pilot In Command from the App Store, by selecting:

The basic version allows you to produce graphs of the last 30 days, but upgrading allows you more flexibility in the graphing.

Please also follow me on Twitter at @Tallyhoapps, and on Facebook by searching Pilot In Command.

I would love your feedback too, via social media, or email to

The app was released on November 24th 2012, and has had around 200 downloads so far. I'm thinking this is a great concept. An error is a great thing if you can learn from it. I know I will be downloading my copy of Pilot In Command. 

If you have any questions for Scott about his program, this is the place to ask him. Not too often do we get a live chat behind such a great inventor! 

Enjoy the Journey!
~ Karlene


  1. Hey Karlene, Hi Scott,

    This is a great article! Loving every part of it.

    will most definitely want to get this program on my iPhone immediately!

    Scott, I fly for AirAsia X on the A330 fleet. I even studied my training/flying out of Cooly (YBCG). Would love to buy you a drink the next time I night-stop in Brisbane/Coolangatta. Do DM me or email johanfaridkhairuddin at airasia dot com. Cheers!

    1. Thanks, that would be great. I hope you like the app. I hope you aren't flying into Cooly this weekend. We are expecting 200-300 mm of rain this weekend!

    2. JFK, Thank you for your comment and I hope that you and Scott meet. And... are you doing with training? A330 pilot, and I can say I knew you when...

  2. Very cool idea Scott! I'll have to check that out, I'm always on the lookout for a cool app!

    1. Thanks Brent. What's the 1st thing most people do between flights? Use their phone. Why can't your phone help you become a better and safer pilot?

      I figured there were enough crosswind calculators available and wanted to do something different.

      Send me your thoughts on it. I would love your feedback.


    2. Brent, I agree with you...this sounds cool. And Scott, we're always on our phones. This is very cool! I'm looking forward to downloading on my phone when I return home.

  3. Sounds like a pretty useful device for a professional pilot. Maybe even for the occasional GA pilot.

    1. It does. I think it was designed for GA. Not sure..but most definitely!

  4. Really cool app! I wonder how well it could work for a student pilot?

    Thanks for sharing that!

    1. Swayne, this could work great for a student. Best for a student! Think about being able to track your errors.

  5. I can't download it as its not in the UK iTunes Store :-(


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