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Friday, January 25, 2013

Captain Luis Adelsohn

Friday's Fabulous Flyer

Luis A Adelsohn Uribe, born in Bogotá Colombia, moved to Miami with his parents to attend high school, and worked with his father in a bike store, learning business, leadership and work ethics.  His father was from Germany and mother from Colombia. In 1938 his Jewish grandparents left Germany and arrived in Colombia and sent Luis’ father to America to study in the US.

While proud of his US Citizenship, Luis has two homes—One in Miami and another in Bogata. He had been spending time in Bogata caring for his father who has recently passed away. (Luis, I am very sorry for your loss.)

Luis Memories: “I have only one brother who is two years younger than me, and I remember we traveled all the time in Braniff International to the USA . I always remember my grandmother Mutty when I was a kid she was very strict with me she only spoke in German. and showed me the values ​​and honesty and permanently taught me the concept of safety in my house all the time.”

Learning Safety doesn’t mean avoidance. His father gave him a motorcycle when he was 7 years old, but taught him how to be safe while driving. Today he’s taking that safety mentality to aviation. But when I asked Luis how he got interested in aviation, and then transitioned to safety, this is what he said:


“Aviation has always been my passion since I was a child I think when I was about 4 years, the planes were a imaginary for me at that time my parents and I we went so many times to the airports to see the planes when I was a kid they gave me as a gifts planes and books on Christmas and Hanuka , in my mother family there are several airline pilots approximately , I have around 15 cousins ​​altogether they work on airlines in South America Avianca and Lan Chile subsidiary in Colombia now there are flying the A 320, A 330, etc, I have another cousin who his dad is my cousin too and also she is wife both there are flight instructors too, this is also the relation with aviation since I was a child. Also I have some other cousins in the Colombian Air Force too. 

 After I turned 18 years old and I was free to do what I wanted, I wanted to become a military pilot of the U.S. Air Force in America, I signed up but I did not listen to my dad advices and I enrolled in a flight school in Opaloka Airport and began to study for my Private Pilot License, I flew in a C 152 and I did my first solo only with 10 hours , remember my young instructor who teach me how to fly, my first solo I did  on runway 9 R in Opaloka Airport.

After that I went to Bogota to finished my career, I wanted to fly near the mountains because in Florida is more easy flying , this opportunity gave me a good command in my Pilot Decisions as a Student Pilot , because flying around mountains at a high altitude is no like Miami at Sea level. 

 Later after that, In Colombia I have the chance to get to work and fly on an commercial airline with only 200 hours after I finished and getting my commercial pilot license, the don’t required at that time 1500 hours total fly time to get in to the airlines on the right seat, my cousins ​​who had several years working as pilots in the airlines in Colombia help me, they recommend me to start working after I approved all my tests to be a First officer at that time. I got my commercial pilot's license and flew C 152 and Piper PA 28 -140 -181.

I started very young as a First Officer with a Colombian Airline name as Aerolineas Centrales de Colombia Aces , I started as of F / O in the Twin Otter, then I flew the ATR 42, B 727-100 -200 and later when I had the experience I upgrade to be a Pilot in Command in the Twin Otter, in the photos I sent to you before you can see it. 

This airline went out of business after 30 years after the recession after 9/11, Aviation around the world change in percentage and was affected too.

My goal always is the concept about Safety and try to share my knowledge’s all the time with the Aviation Community.”

When I asked Luis to tell me a little more about his skills he said, "I’m a good leader and I have a lot of ideas and also a lot of goals in my life to share." Not only does he have good ideas, but he is actively pursuing them.

Luis Adelsohn is all about aviation safety. And I'm sure he thinks I've forgotten him, since it's been so long since we initially spoke. But I wanted Luis to have a solid foundation and platform in which to work, before we started shouting about him. He's created a blog that I hope everyone will visit.

When I asked Captain Adelshon what his goals with aviation safety are he said,

"I have a good idea to promote and make a good campaign to work hard across the Country to organize a good marketing program and to focus all US Pilots to understand the Human Factors what that means and the Concept of Safety. And why not to try to give the idea to the FAA to promote the latest issues regarding ICAO in SMS (Flight Schools etc. )?"

Promoting Aviation Safety is a Great Idea.

Luis says, "I’m thinking that the new generation of Commercial Pilots need to understand more concerning automation and be prepare in case of any difficulties how to fly manually the airplane, analyses and applications to understand why Accidents Happen is very important , I was reading the final report of the Air France 447 and I learned a lot things what’s happening in this fatal accident. "

Luis went to TSI in Oklahoma and finished his courses in Helicopters and Airplanes last year. He met a lot of great people who inspired him, and now he is venturing out.

Do you have any Aviation Safety Questions or concerns for Luis? We'll be seeing some of his writings in the very near future. Thank you Luis for helping to keep our skies safe!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. I always wanted to ask about other airlines.

    Have you ever heard about OSHA 94 ?
    Occupational safety and health act. I know every airlines in entitled with ICAO and IATA but there still some points where those two act and rules compliment with OSHA right? I mean, in terms of ground operation and such...

    I don't know if my question is clear or not. hehe

  2. Since he was four, that's amazing! I love that he stuck with his dream from such a young age. Best of luck to Luis in all that he endeavors to achieve!


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