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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Pilot’s New Year’s Resolution

(As wished for by an AME)

"Off the Record Q & A with a Local A.M.E."

DR. Larry

The beginning of a new year is often a time for making (and breaking) resolutions. While scanning the internet, I discovered the following resolution on a top-secret, AME chat board somewhere in cyberspace (yeah, right), and I'm sharing it now with the aviation community as a way to help build camaraderie between aviators and AME's. After all, pilots need AME's and AME's need pilots.

So if you will please say the following after me:

“I, (enter your name here), will work together with my AME to facilitate my medical certification in the most expedient manner possible. This will include filling out my FAA 8500-8 medical form online least 24 hours prior to my appointment.

  • I will arrive on time and bring all sets of glasses necessary to pass my vision testing.
  • I will be forthcoming with all necessary paperwork and doctor’s notes my AME will need to process my certification.
  • If I have questions regarding issues which could result in possibly delaying my certification.
  • I will contact my AME prior to my appointment to resolve these concerns rather than hoping they will vanish into thin air.
  • Furthermore, I understand my AME will do everything in his power to assist with my certification and I will (begrudgingly) understand if something unexpected arises delaying the process.
  • I will know my AME feels my pain and wishes his hands were not restricted by the regulations.
  • After my AME has waved his magic wand and pronounced my verdict, I will (begrudgingly) pay his fee, without asking for discounts and I will promote his job-saving skills to my peers.
"This I promise to do in the New Year!"

Together we can make it a win-win relationship by helping each other. Fly safe and fly healthy, my dear aviator friends, and Happy New Year!

To your good health, happiness and certification!

Dr. Larry

Please leave Dr. Larry a message that you will fulfill his New Year's wish!

"I promise Dr. Larry...but what about that pilot discount?"

Enjoy the Journey!

XOX Karlene


  1. Perfect timing on this today. I have an appointment today for a medical, and was wondering if I had remembered everything I needed! Next one will be in Seattle, I might have to get some contact info from you!

  2. Perfect timing... yes. Mine is coming up next month, too! Yeah! When you come to Seattle you can visit Dr. Larry! The next one... imagine!

  3. Scheduled mine 4 hours ago, never done the online before. I'll do it tomorrow!

  4. Tim, it works great. Be sure to save a copy of your data for the next one. It saves some data, but not all.

  5. If this is your first time filling out the 8500-8 online, there are some tricks we've learned. If you'd like us to send you what we know, email us @


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