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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Excitement By the Hudson River!

Katja Jourdan is hosting a flying event at the Kingston-Ulster airport, in New York, right off of the Hudson River!

Date: May 21st
Time: 12- 2 p.m.

What exactly is happening just off the Hudson you ask?

All Engines Running, A Fly It Forward Event!

Women and girls of all ages are invited to:
  • Listen to guest speakers... Female pilots, of course.
  • Tour aircraft
  • Learn how to do a preflight
  • Learn the process of becoming a pilot
  • Play on the simulator
  • Enter a raffle for a free flight!
  • Eat. Yes, there will be lots of food!

They may have up to five planes!

The owner of the airport and Kaja are going to speak, a CFI is going to answer questions about becoming a pilot and they'll give a tours of a plane, they're also going to let girls fly the simulator, and they'll raffle off some free flights while enjoying food! An exciting day for everyone.

Sample Simulator


The Kingston-Ulster Airport 
1161 Flatbush Rd Kingston, NY 12401

Why is Katja hosting this event?
  • To, ultimately, get more women involved in aviation.
  • To make women aware that they can do anything they set their minds to... and that flying is not just a "man's" job!
    Why May?

    May 21-22nd is the anniversary of Amelia Earhart's solo across the Atlantic Ocean... the first female to make this solo flight. And May 21st is International Learn to Fly day! A day to celebrate.

    There is always more to any story than meets the eye, and this event is no different. One of the most spectacular things about this event, is the organizer:  

    Katja Jourdan

    The story behind this event, is all about the woman organizing it. The inciting incident behind Katja's Fly It Forward event, and the other reason that May worked so well... will be unearthed tomorrow. You'll have to come back and meet this Fabulous Flyer!

    Enjoy the Journey!

    ~ Karlene


    1. This is awesome! Hooray for Katja! I can hardly wait to come back and meet her. People who give of themselves to help others are rare and precious. :)

    2. Wow, this looks like it will be a wonderful event. The simulator has got to be a big draw--that would be so fun! Will definitely be back tomorrow to learn more about the woman behind this Fly It Forward event.

    3. Can I sign up to win those computer simulator rudder pedals? ;-)

    4. Thanks for your comment Heather. You won't believe how old she is. lol. She's giving back for sure.

    5. Thanks Linda, I think they're going to have so much fun! Wish I could be there too, but babyshower conflict.

    6. Tom, I'm thinking if you show up to fly the girls... anything is possible. Beautiful airport.


    Thank you for your comment! If your comment doesn't appear immediately, it will after I land. Enjoy the journey!