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Friday, April 1, 2011

Dan Pimentel

Friday's Fabulous Flyer!

Dan Pimentel
Airplanista Magazine

President and Art Director of his own ad agency, thirty-plus years of experience in and around publishing, and a six year veteran of blogging... What next? Embracing a passion for writing, combining it with experience and creativity... the only logical option is to pull all that talent together and creating a magazine.

Not just any magazine....

Dan has created a unique venue for writers and photographers to share their life experiences with flying enthusiasts. His vision was to create a meeting place where pilots could share their stories and experiences. Airplanista has accomplished just that, and more.

For the time being he is a single pilot operation. But he'll soon need a staff. Successful? October, 2010, when Dan gave Airplanista life, he hoped to get 1000 readers. But ended up with 11,000! And monthly growth of 20-35%. The readers have spoken. 

One night he'd been blogging and airplanista came to mind. He'd heard of barista. He'd heard of fashionista. But Airplanista? Had this name ever been used? He accessed my good friend Google and soon learned there would be only one Airplanista, and it would be his.

Exciting news! Airplanista has been selected as the beta tester, partnering with a large new digital publishing platform as their launch partner at a publishing Conference and Expo in New York City, April 4-6, 2011. Quite the honor!

While the magazine is a free download, April 1, 2011, readers will be offered a paid subscription price, enabling readers to have access to special deals and premium content. Each deal will be worth up to $50, so the nominal feel will be worth it.

Coming soon, By Karlene Petitt

I connected with Dan when he asked if I'd like to write something for his magazine about women and flying during our Centennial event. I'd asked him why his passion for women. Okay, maybe that was a dumb question. But he told me...

"I'm interested in pushing women to fly since they represent only 6% of the pilot population and are GA's secret weapon to future growth. Plus I am a bit of a male feminist...if there is such a thing. I just believe women need to have zero barriers to do anything they want."

My article is in this months issue! Click HERE to read why women should fly.

Dan is an entrepreneur at heart. His love of aviation has enabled him to connect people from around the world, to share their love, experiences, and joys of the industry. What could be better than that?

Dan Pimentel
Thank you Dan for giving life to Airplanista, and sharing stories of a much loved industry. We'll look forward to your readership exceeding 100,000! And I'm excited to be published.

Enjoy the Journey!

~ Karlene


  1. We think alike Karlene! I just wrote on article on him in my National General Aviation Examiner column and was thinking of contacting you to write something up as well! :)

  2. Yeah!!! Send me the link. I would love to post it and link it too! Great minds! :)

  3. Dan sounds awesome! And what an accoplishment! That's fantastic that he has asked you to writ for his magazine Karlene! Clearly he has great taste too. :)

  4. If he needs an editor, I need a day job.

  5. Thanks Heather... Clearly! hahaha.

  6. Christine... that would be great. Also, I'm thinking I would like to hire you for the final read through on my novel. What do you think? We'll talk.

  7. I just read this months magazine and noticed you in it. Great write up

  8. Thank you Scote! I appreciate the comments!

  9. Karlene, you made me laugh with your, "...why his passion for women. Okay, maybe that was a dumb question..." comment. :D Hilarious!

    Dan indeed has an amazing resource/contribution to aviation. I've enjoyed all of his published magazine issues.

  10. Thanks Brian, glad to be of service in the occasional humor bracket. His magazine is great.


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