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Friday, September 22, 2017

Human Factors ....

Friday Fabulous Flyer

 Dr. Haydee Maria Cuevas

Dr. Cuevas, or Haydee as she likes to be called, is an Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University professor in the doctoral studies department. Prior to her becoming a professor at ERAU, she spent 7 years as a scientific researcher for SA technologies, 15 years as a human factors researcher investing performance issues, has authored 91 publications, 23 technical reports and has presented at 95 conferences worldwide. 

What's more incredible that her achievements? 
Haydee gives so much to all,
and we her students benefit from her wisdom, 
her kindness, and her compassion. 

Dr. Cuevas educational background includes a B.A. in psychology from the University of Central Florida, and a Ph.D. the University of Central Florida in applied experimental human factors psychology. 

Haydee is an incredibly talented and experienced professor, and I was fortunate to start my Ph.D. off right having having her for a couple of my first classes. I am also honored to have Dr. Cuevas on my dissertation committee. She is inspiring, intelligent, talented, and an asset to the ERAU program. More than that, I am lucky to know her, and I'm sure all her students feel the same way. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this woman. She also gifted me a great song that helped me find my strength during a challenging time. 

Today I am celebrating Haydee's 
most recent achievement... 

Click on the above link 
to get your copy!
I did!

Join me in celebrating another great accomplishment 
of an incredible woman. 

Congratulations Dr. Cuevas!  

Book Report Coming Soon!

Enjoy the Journey!
OX Karlene 


  1. Dr. Cuevas sounds like a very interesting person to meet and I am glad that you were able to have her for the first few courses. I will take note of her book and make sure that I read it in the not so distant future! Hope all is well!

    1. Jeremy, she is absolutely amazing! I'm honored to know her, learn from her and such a huge support of encouragement too!


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