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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Power of Community...

Seahawks win Superbowl XLVIII

2014 World Champs!

Seattle! "43-8"

When masses of encouraged, hopeful, and inspired people come together... there is nothing short of an energy charge that fills the air, and brings smiles everywhere.

A week ago Sunday the SeaHawks were on their way to SeaTac Airport. They were headed for New York, on a chartered Delta Air Lines flight. But let's back up just a bit... 

What happened on the way to the airport was nothing short of amazing. As many of you know, I live in the city of SeaTac. Just a hop skip and jump to the airport. This particular morning I would be headed to the airport for a trip to Amsterdam. But before I could get out my driveway, I stood on the side of the street with my community as we cheered on the SeaHawks as they passed by on the way to the airport.

As I watched the crowd it made me think about the power of coming together for our team. We might not have the best team in the world...but they are "our" team.

OH WAIT...  
They ARE the best team in the world!

Some may not agree with the way the coaches call the plays, but they are our coaches. For good or bad we are standing together for a common front... to cheer our team onto victory

This crowd made me wonder if one day we could come together as a country. We may not have the best country. Our leaders may make errors and not run things the way we want. But what if we could band together in strength and unity instead of griping about how bad we have it...what if we could carry that 12 man flag for our cool would that be?

Win or lose, this day reminded me what we're all about. Community and the power of hope. Having fun for a common cause. This win was for all of Seattle. As I write this, fireworks are blasting and Seattle's streets are filled with fans. Everyone in celebration. 

My neighbor asked a great question...

It WAS US!!!
WAY to Go Seattle Seahawks!!!

A Special Thanks to Grace, Mike, John and Aaron 
for the earrings, lanyard and cookies!!! 

Enjoy the Journey! 
XOX Karlene


  1. Go Hawks!

    I am so glad that my bad luck didn't mess you guys up. But how could a West Virginian's bad lick derail the Hawk on the train of destiny?

    So happy for you, I remember how it felt when Dallas won their Super Bowl in 1992 and went on a three year streak. Seattle is a wonderful city and is deserving of a team like this.

    Congratulations, I cant wait to see pictures of the parade.

    1. Thanks so much Rob!!! Yes... I will have to make that parade! :) Trying to find out landing time.. and I will get shots coming off the plane. Next year... we're coming again!

  2. Congratulations SEAHAWKS!!

    P.S. I just pre-ordered your book and looking forward to it.


  3. Karlene, we did it. Never loose hope. That's what happens when a community comes together. It's one thing to have a stick, it's another to have many sticks bundled together to form one powerful unit.

    And now, I have to fulfill my vow to quit smoking because of our win. It will be a slow process but I have a flight plan.

    Also, thanks for including the video.. It gives me an idea of what parts of Seattle look like. Very beautiful indeed.

    Time to sign off for now.. Regards from NYC where the Empire State Building is still shining Seahawk colors.. (photos to come very soon)

    1. Thank you so much Jeremy for the emails and photos! They are awesome. And how much fun it would have been to be there. The team arrived 43 minutes earlier than flight tracker said... but I knew when they came in, I could hear the helicopters... always a sure sign of excitement. Mostly, I am so happy that you are quitting smoking. What a great catalyst for the effort. Whenever you feel like smoking just jump up, and yell... "GO Seahawks!!!" That will snap you back into commitment!!!
      Thank you for the comment!!!

  4. There's an old saying in sports,it states that you are only as good as your last game.
    Right now the Seahawks are the tops.

    1. Yes! And next year... I suspect we'll do it again.


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