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Sunday, February 12, 2023


Making a Difference in a Life!

The game is over. The Chief's won... but not how I'd have liked! I was in line for the final $200 if they got that last touchdown. Congratulation Chiefs and Congratulations to the winner's of Kayla's Football Pool. I actually had a side bet going with my hubby and he just delivered my $100 because I bet on the Chiefs, and he gave me 5 points! I obviously didn't need them. 


Fuzz and Julie $100!
Karolee $200
Hercules $300

You are all winners for helping such a great cause. For those who purchased squares, $400 was donated to Dare2Tri! Kayla put the squares donations in this donationion site at Dare2Tri, increasing that amount to $1200, almost halfway to her $2500 goal! The games over, but It's not too late to donate. While many did not play the game, instead they generously donated directly by adding an additional $856. She almost reached that $1000 goal.  Thank you Derry, Geri, Jim, Lee, William, and brigitte for your direct donations! And thank you Kirk, Julie, Fuzz, Lynn, Bob, Karolee, Kris, Dick, JK, Carolyn, Busso, Ken, Kyle, Hercules and Fisher for your donations and participating in the game! You have all made a difference! 


Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

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