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Monday, February 20, 2023

Crew Resource Management Training Opportunity

Is This Job for You?

Patrick Mendenhall

I was recently catching up with a friend and former NWA/Delta colleague that I’ve crossed paths with many times during my airline career. In “retirement,” Patrick (Mendenhall) told me that he has been operating a company that provides CRM training to a wide range of audiences both in and out of the aviation “space.” This includes live and webinar training as well as creating content for an online production and distribution company. Aviation clients are mostly Part 91 and Part 135 operators. But he has also been providing CRM training to other High Reliability Organizations, such as the healthcare industry for over fifteen years.

Now that the COVID malaise is mostly behind us, growth opportunities are falling into Patrick's lap and he could use some help!  


Patrick is looking for someone with aviation experience who is knowledgeable and passionate about safety. In-depth knowledge and understanding of CRM and Threat and Error Management principals would certainly be helpful, too. 

He  is looking to cover a range of skills – from simply writing new CRM content to presenting both live and webinar platforms. Compensation would be “negotiable” as the range of scenarios is as endless as the possible levels of involvement.  

If you have questions or are interested, 
please contact Patrick at

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

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