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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

What the Experts are Saying....

Flight For Truth 

is a Fight For Truth!

What the Experts are Saying

"Would you knowingly climb aboard a pilotless airliner, flown from airport to airport by computers and promoted by airline executives who would stop at nothing to make a buck? After all, it makes economic sense. Computers don't need rest, equal pay, and vacations.... they also don't break ranks and expose weaknesses in an airline's safety system. Courage is reading this book the night before flying somewhere commercially."

John J. Nance 
Author, Pandora's Clock, 16 Souls, and 21 others 
Aviation Analyst ABC World News 
737 Captain, Rtd

"I loved this novel, and feel like I have lived it. Truth is scarier than fiction, but no pilot should ever face what Darby Bradshaw did for reporting safety concerns. There are a few characters in this novel that belong in prison."

Kathy McCullough, author of Ups and Downs, 
To The Edges of the World, and Breakfast in Narita
B747 Captain, Rtd

"There’s fiction and then there’s fiction written by an author who actually lives in the complex and sometimes terrifying world of aviation she writes about. Karlene Petitt’s Flight for Truth will make you think twice before you step on a plane again."

Mike Lawson
Edgar nominated author of House Witness


Corruption runs deep within the airline industry when Captain Darby Bradshaw is grounded and forced into a psychiatric evaluation in response to reporting safety concerns to senior leadership at Global Air Lines. What she doesn’t know is that her removal is nothing short of a conspiracy to silence her safety concerns. Privatization of ATC, approval of drone operated commercial aircraft, short-cutting training, and the untimely crash of a Boeing 737 MAX are all tied to Darby’s report. Her resultant research is about to uncover the truth. How high does this go? All the way to the White House. Not even her friends FAA Manager Kathryn Jacobs, DOT Secretary John McAllister, or Psychiatrist Linda Madden, can do anything to help her. The question is—can she save herself?

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Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

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