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Monday, February 24, 2020

Aviation Galore

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This weekend was the NW Aviation Conference and trade Show and I autographed 167 books!!! How fun was that. I met some great people and more to come on their stories. We also gave away a B777 and made a few smiles! 



Eastern Airlines Radio Show Tonight! 
Episode 447 
February 24th, 2020
7:00 PM 
Call In at 213-816-1611 

Eastern Airlines Music and History. Join Eastern on their Country Roads travel of Music and Eastern History. They will play Eastern music and bring back memories of bygone days of their beloved airline! You may sign-on to the broadcast up to 15 minutes prior to on-air time, Call-in Phone for Hosts and Guests: 213-816-1611 


I’m giving away my newest book, Normalization of Deviance a Threat to Aviation Safety to everyone for another two days. Last day is tomorrow! Please get your free download! Spread the word. Share this with your friends. If you are outside the US, go to your local amazon account and type in Normalization of Deviance a Threat to Aviation Safety. If you are in the US there is a link on my blog, Flight To Success.  

Enjoy your book and thank you all for your support in gathering this research! Reviews are much appreciated!!! 

Have a Great Aviation Day! 

Enjoy the journey!

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  1. Hi Karlene.
    I just discovered your blog. I look forward to exploring it more.
    May I ask you if you know of any literary agents who like aviation non-fiction? I'm looking for one.


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