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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Politics or Safety?

What is Keeping the B737Max Grounded?

This is simply something for the world to think about... 

The issues of the Max were: A failed pitot static system without a backup. Lack of Required Training. Pilots lack of knowledge of the system. Lack of Safety Culture.


An airline wanted a 737 that could carry the load of a B757, but without the type-rating attached. Could it be built? Absolutely. Did a system have to be built to improve stability. Yes, and they called it the MCAS. But hasn't improved stability been a life long goal of all aircraft manufacturers? 


Clearly airlines do not want to pay for additional training if they don't have to. They definitely did not want to pay for a new type rating. That would have been very expensive. Who would be the group to order that training? Airline? Manufacturer? FAA? 


The B737Max MCAS would not have triggered if there had been redundant pitot static systems built into the aircraft. Why didn't the FAA mandate redundant systems? If an airline doesn't want to purchase a second pitot static tube, and the FAA doesn't mandate it, why would the manufacturer force the airline to purchase something they didn't want?

When did the FAA stop enforcing equipment 
that would improve safety? 

Safety Culture: 

It takes a brave soul to stand up and to anyone in their company to do the right thing. There is nobody, more so than I, who understands what can happen to an employee if he or she steps forward and points out safety concerns to their company. Unfortunately retaliation is alive in the airline industry. Can you blame an employee for remaining silent when the system doesn't protect them?

Now the question... 

Why isn't the Max Flying?

The way I see it is all they need to do is: 
  1. Hold all the people involved who lied, falsified records and did the wrong thing that cost lives accountable. Make them accountable so this never happens again, then...
  2. The FAA should mandate a redundant pitot static system on the Max. 
  3. The FAA should mandate anything that could improve safety. Safety should not be a customer option. 
  4. The FAA should mandate training on the MCAS. 
  5. Make the B737Max a type-rating. 
It appears a simple solution and could have been done months ago. Therefore, I'm curious why the FAA administrator is keeping this plane grounded. All the issues involved in the Max can be found in my newest book: Normalization of Deviance a Threat to Aviation Safety.  I've been giving this ebook away for free, for five days now. Today is the final day. Even if you don't have a Kindle, you can download. Then email me and I will give you the secret how to read it on your computer.

Safety Culture. Training. Knowledge. Performance. 

Today is the Final Day 
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The things that airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and the FAA are not sharing with the public, can be found in Normalization of Deviance. This book is the result of my doctoral research—Safety Culture, Training, Understanding, Aviation Passion: The Impact on Manual Flight and Operational Performance. While the intent of the research was to learn what predicted manual flight, what was learned may have predicted and, if heeded, prevented the Lion Air Flight 602, 2018 crash, Ethiopian Flight 302, 2019 crash, and Atlas Air Flight 3591, 2019 crash. What was learned could also have prevented the Air France Flight 447 crash.

Enjoy the journey!
XO Karlene 

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