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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Iron Maiden

Is Grounded!

Sadly, while the band was setting up for a concert in Santiago Chili, they received horrible news that their beautiful lady was badly damaged. 

"Ed Force One" was under tow to be fueled when a locking pin broke and the B747 rolled, hit the tug, and hospitalized both occupants.

Great news is... she is a Boeing and she will keep on going!  So Ed Force One will fly again soon! As soon as she gets a little work on her engines.... or new ones.  How easy the smallest things can create the biggest problems. 

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. Karlene,

    Didn't know you were a fan of Iron Maiden! Hope the ground guys are okay, thanks for the update on Ed Force One!

    1. Rob, I'm not a fan of Iron Maiden... shhhhh... mums the word. I'm in love with their airplane! Ed Force One will fly again!

  2. WHAT!!!!! Not a fan of Iron Maiden? Bruce Dickenson is a pilot, several of his songs feature aviation themes. Flight of Icarus, Aces High, The Final Frontier, Space Station #5, Speed of Light, Tailgunner, and my favorite Where Eagles Dare.

    That is good stuff and even better when you think that Bruce is really a pilot. He was the Captain of the first Ed Force One, it was a 757. Now he is driving a 747. Maybe I should have been a rock star instead.

    1. Wow! I was a fan and I didn't even know it! I've had too much time with my head in a book and body in the sky (not necessarily at the same time). He's pretty awesome. I think I should make him a Friday Flyer and go interview him...and fly his plane. When she's fixed. :)

  3. You can blame your books all you want but Where Eagles Dare and Flight of Icarus came out in 1983 and Aces High in 1984.

    There is a great documentary called Flight 666, it details their world tour in 2013 and how they got the 757 Ed Force One. Sorry I know too much about this. I wish I knew this much about my profession. Ha ha.

    He would be cool Friday Flyer.

    1. Rob, you make me laugh. Do you know what else came out in 1983 and 1984? 83- an 8.5 pound baby, and 84- the 10 pounder. I still have an excuse! Those days my head was into changing diapers, and while it stank... never removed my eyes from the sky!

  4. Oh Waaah! Don't give me this line about being a caregiver to a couple of babies. If anyone should know that even with two daughters, you can still be the Captain of your life.

    It is always something with you. Well, there is no excuse for you now to go back and put a little Iron Maiden in your life. They are part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal genre. Along with some other groups like Judas Priest, Saxon, Accept and Def Leppard (although they don't want to be included in the grouping).

    Before I can get you into Thrash, Speed, Nu Metal, and eventually Death metal. We need to start with NWoBHM. This was England's answer to the Hard Rock 1970s American groups like Van Halen and Aerosmith.

    Or you can just say that you prefer your James Taylor and Billy Joel to Slipknot and Five Finger Death Punch then I will leave you alone.

    I know I really wasted my youth on musical garbage. But I do love this crap. Ha ha.

  5. Lol... Oh, yeah, I am a light rock, jazzy sort of girl... and do yoga to Bocelli. But those baby years were all about Sesame Street... and the Little Mermaid.


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