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Monday, March 28, 2016

Take Time For Life

Enjoy Every Moment

While working on my PhD, I have found myself sitting at my desk, studying, reading, and thinking for up to twelve hours, and wondering where time went. That is the power of passion and focus. While finals opened last Wednesday and will close in three days, I opted to go on spring break with with my middle daughter and two of the grandchildren.

Off to San Diego we flew, rented a house by the beach, and visited Legoland for two days, and played on the beach for the third. I took my flight bag filled with all my textbooks, yet I never opened them.  Late nights found me finishing up final papers... the finals they waited.  

The Easter bunny found us yesterday morning and then we found our way to the airport and flew home.  Kids are safely back in Oregon and I will be in lock down for three days writing finals. Okay, the gym counts for lock down, as some of my best thinking happens while exercising (and showering). The best thing about being a writer who takes her course work seriously throughout the quarter is that I understand the subject matter, and I know how to put words to paper. Thus, I will be able to finish finals in the time limit.

Now... time to get busy! Make sure you come back tomorrow for a serious subject with aviation.  The photo is graphic, but something we must address. You will learn why I am writing... Together we will make a difference!

 I hope you had a
 Happy Easter!!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

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  1. Great post, Karlene! Yes, the weekend was crazy, but you are right, time must be taken to live life because life, just like a plane, flies away before we know it. Looking forward to the post tomorrow!


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