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Monday, March 21, 2016

Breaking Through Fear

Monday Motivation

"The greatest ideas, tools, and inspirations are the ones that spark something 
that was previously unconscious in you; 
they give you awareness"
Monaye Merritt

A team is everything in life. Your support, your strength, your motivation. I am honored to be following a team that continues to inspire and motivate young ladies... Hoop through life!  We met Alexis Murphy the founder of Hoop Through Life a month ago. Today we meet one of her team members... Monaye, Merritt.  She was going to be a Friday Flyer, until I read her quote. Of course she would be a Monday Motivation.

 Monaye Merritt

Alexis Murphy
Hoop Through Life, LLC
Founder/CEO - See more at:
Alexis Murphy
Hoop Through Life, LLC
Founder/CEO - See more at:

"I come from Philly, born and raised. I started playing sports from a very young age, as far back as I can remember. I gained confidence through sports, because I knew I could do whatever the boys did; And sometimes do it better! Just saying, I was never picked last. I never felt a discrepancy between me and the guys. This part of my confidence came from the results, but I also gained confidence from the work I put in. I could have been playing Allen Iverson, I still believed I was working harder than him. 

As I got older I lost that confidence. 

I began to let the doubt of someone working harder than me creep into my mind. Once I got on the floor and actually played with them I would see that there was no need to be worried. 

The amount of time I put in was real, valid, and most of all deserves respect from myself. My basketball career has been through troughs and triumphs, but 

the one thing I have learned is 
that you have to do away with fear. 

Acknowledge it and go through the same way you would any other opponent. And this isn't just a basketball thing, it is a life thing. I wish, so much earlier, that I had gotten back to the fearless me! No one wants to be in the way, they realize you are going to do whatever it takes. This applies outside of basketball, it applies to life itself. The other key thing that piggy backs on top of fearlessness is focus, 

"Fear is one of the few things 
that can stop us dead in our tracks 
or make us move faster 
than we ever imagined". 

What makes us move through fear 
is our focus. 

I like to imagined these two factors to be effecting each other people may not. The best quote I read about focus was:

"All great achievements are the result 
of sustained focus over time"

Not much could ring truer to my ears, 
so let's break the fear and focus."

Amazing that Monaye talks about breaking free of the fear, as that subject is the first chapter in Flight To Success be the Captain of your Life!  And a ton of focus woven through the pages, too.

Once you break through your fear, 
what are you going to do with your life? 

Monaye and Alexis are making a difference with theirs. 

Check out 
Hoop Through Life

Young ladies making a difference in the world...

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. I love this post. Fear is detrimental to life and unfortunately I know some people that constantly live their lives in Fear. Fear is "False Evidence Appearing Real" and you are right, we need that focus to overcome it.

    Thank you so much as this post is just what I needed this Monday morning. Have a great week, Karlene, and everyone!

    1. Thank you so much Jeremy! The one most crippling emotion. And I love that... false evidence appearing real.
      Have a wonderful week!!

  2. I hope as many people can read this post because it is relatable to life on all levels. I was a privilege to have someone send me this link. I plan to share it with all now and in the future due to it's importance and relevance. Thank you for such inspirational words.

    1. Thank you so very much! I am learning to face fear as we speak... life throws things our way for a reason. Strength. Education. To find out if we are willing to stand by our truth! Thank you for the comment!


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