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Friday, September 25, 2015

Kathryn, Darby and Jackie

Meet the ladies of...
Flight For Control!

Movie time! These are not the real ladies. And the photos were nabbed off the internet. However, you know when you read that perfect book and you can envision the look and personality of the characters? Well, this is how I would have the ladies cast if it were my choice.

Kathryn Jacobs!
An NTSB Investigator on the move with a single minded focus to prevent aviation accidents. Sidetracked from her career to have a family, she is now ready to go back to work as her twin daughters are growing up way too fast. Unfortunately her husband, Captain Bill Jacobs, has prohibited her from working. But when three major airline crash and nobody knows why; while her husband is busy running for the union presidency, Kathryn's boss makes a deal that she cannot refuse. it's time to take control. What she finds will shock the nation!

And then there are her best friends...

757 Captain, single, fun, flirty, airline pilot living the good life. Whether Darby is captaining her 757, or hanging out with her girlfriends playing strip poker and toasting with a bottle of tequila, you'll fall in love with Darby. She has the worst luck with men, drinks way too much coffee, but is Kathryn's right hand gal when it comes to the investigation, and so much more. But when she learns secrets that nobody should know, there is nothing that will stop her fight. Until it's too late.

And Jackie makes three...

Jackie Jameson

Jackie is a flight attendant, married to a pilot who is the perfect husband. First Officer Greg Jameson is not only Jackie's husband, but Kathryn's childhood friend. Jackie is the mother of one son, whom she would rather be home than anywhere else, but circumstances prevent that choice. But when her husband is involved in the fourth crash, her world is turned upside down in more ways than one. Jackie will have to figure out to pick up the pieces. But with best friends like Kathryn and Darby, survival is the only hope.

Action! Adventure! Romance!
Airplane Crashes
with you in the flight deck. 

A thriller that reads like a mystery,
and hits far too close to home.

Do you know who is flying your plane?

In Honor of the third book in the series, Flight For Survival, well underway, with a hard deadline of December 2015, this gift is for all who have yet to read Flight For Control, or would like a copy downloaded into their kindle for another read before the adventure continues.

5 Days only September 25-30th
Kindle Edition
is FREE! Flight for Control

My only request...
Please leave a comment on Amazon!

Thank you!

Enjoy the Journey!

XO Karlene

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  1. Thank you. I already have it a treasured hard copy, but the free Kindle edition a a wonderful bonus. Thanks, Karlene!! I remain one of the most loyal fans of your writing and books and that will continue. (And I will continue to literally BEG you to employ a professional copy editor whenever you issue new work. No writer, not even the best of class, can objectively edit her/his own work. Ever. If necessary, we'll establish a modest 'editing fund' for you. With good copy editing, your work can jump from ~8.5/10 to 11/10, but you cannot do it alone, especially with your schedule ) much love and respect sent your way. You have far more friends that you know... -Craig (of Cedarglen)


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