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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Flight Lesson of Another Kind!

"Look what I'm doing! 
I'm using your book in my classes!"
Santiago, Susan, and Ignacio
"Santiago on my left and Ignacio on my right are beginning their career in aviation and they are also studying English as they know this is elementary to be able to start flying in an airline. Both their fathers are airline pilots in Argentina and so these boys want to follow their fathers' steps.

Santiago and Ignacio have just logged 200 hours. Their English is basic and what they need most right now is to gain fluency before concentrating on air communication. So what can be better than read "Flight to Success" and learn about life while improving the language? We have just read and discussed the Introduction and Chapter 1. They are fascinated and they already find that your book reflects a lot of things they or their parents have already lived.

Once again thank you for such a wonderful book and I invite foreign pilots to read your book. If they can manage on their own, without help, it means they have a good level of English to fly and communicate without problems as well as the possibility of having a good read!"

Best wishes,
Communication is the essence of safety in the aviation world... and Susan Lagier is teaching pilots to become proficient in English! 
What a great surprise to see she is using
in her classes. 
Now her students can learn tips for life success, as well as master the English language. 
Thank you Susan!!  
And best of success in your aviation careers
Santiago and Ignacio!
Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene  


  1. Wow! I'm now a famous guy! Hahaha. Santiago and I were very lucky to find Susan as our English teacher. She helps us not only to improve our English in all aspects, but also to grow as human beings by using this kind of - amazing - material in our lessons.
    Thank you Karlene for having written this beautiful book, and thank you Susan for teaching us and all your students with the love you have for your job.

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Ignacio, you are a famous guy! And I am so grateful for Susan to be sharing my book, teaching you English, and for your taking your precious time to write a comment too! I hope one day you will hear a woman's voice over the radio with the Delta call sign and you will ask, "Is that you Karlene?" And it will be!
      Looking forward to meeting you one day. Keep up the great work on your studies! Fly safe! And thank you for saying hello!

  2. karlene hello I am Santiago and I am very happy to be reading your book. in addition to helping us improve our English it has very nice lessons and essential values for life in general, to recommend !! we were lucky to meet susan to introduce us to this difficult mission in aviation. it is undoubtedly the best teacher and she has a lot of patience susan thank you very much Kareline congratulations on your career and for this wonderful book

    1. Santiago, Thank you so much for the message and for your wonderful comment on my book, too. I very much appreciate it! Susan is lucky to meet and know you too, as I know how much she appreciates all her students. And Thank you so much for the congratulations. It won't be long until you are living the wonderful career yourself and following your father's footsteps into the sky! Fly safe and enjoy!!

  3. That is the ultimate compliment! How cool that she is using your book in her class, I love it!

    1. Thank you so much Heather!! I know....and in Argentina too. Pretty cool. One day I will meet these pilots!


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