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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Flying It Forward 2015

Girls Take Flight 

This weekend at the Museum of Flight about 250 girls were gifted a memory they will never forget. But this event could not have been made possible without the help of the incredible men and women giving their time, av-gas, and love of aviation to the young ladies they flew. Photos speak louder than words... Enjoy! 











I am not sure how pilot Keith escaped a photo!  Or Grant too, who worked effortlessly on the ramp on our first day. But a huge thank you to you both! And Sandy who was the official gate master for two days and Craig who kept the ramp running smoothly on day two... And Cale for coordinating the schedule and our wonderful assistants at the table for check in! For those without pictures ... send them me one to upload!

Thank you!!



An Amazing day was had by all! 

For more photos... Check out Face Book:

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 


  1. Thanks for a great post K ; ) I've been trying to get my daughter to start a blog to chronicle her journey in flight training. She spent her summer off from ERAU in a C208 for Mokulele Express out of Maui. I think sharing her experiences with other young ladies with a eye on commercial aviation would help show that it's no longer just a man's world.

    1. OH, That would be awesome if she would. We would love to see her experiences...Maybe next year she can come and fly with us? Thank you for your comment!

  2. Wonderful, Karlene. I've enjoyed your similar posts for several years, perhaps as a highlight of your blog. Your interest in and support of these youngsters DOES make a difference. Thank you.
    If Capt. Kidder's daughter starts a blog, I'll read it and I'm only a man! I'm sure someone will let us know.
    -Craig (of Cedarglen)

    1. Lol.. YES, I will read it too! You know, these are my most exhausting days but those smiles are priceless and waiting for the girls to come off the plane for their expressions and those really big screams, "That was awesome!!!" Says it all. Just amazing fun!! And so inspiring for so many!!


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