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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Rescheduled! Residency! Recurrent!

The Journey Continues!  

After a long couple months of school, life challenges, and flying from the Pacific to the Atlantic, and back across the Pacific, only to be rescheduled to Detroit, with a mad dash to Seattle to repack and rush to residency in Florida, followed by recurrent and I made it home last night, slept 11 hours and passed my physical. I'm grateful for Captain Jim for sending me this story for my much neglected blog:

"Ole and Sven were halibut fishermen flying from Alaska to Seattle on an old PNA Connie.  Shortly after takeoff from Annette one engine quit and was feathered.  The Capt came on the intercom assuring passengers that that all was fine and the flight to Seattle would just take a little longer now.

An hour later after a second engine quit Ole turned to Sven and said,"I hope those other engines keep running or we'll be up here all night".

Enjoy the Journey!!
XOX Karlene

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  1. Love the story! Knew you've been mega busy as have I. Lots going on. There is a reason that there is a beauty in sleeping. Because sleep is rare these days. No rest for the weary. Will be in touch!


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