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Friday, August 21, 2015

Libby Parsons

Friday's Fabulous Flyer!
Libby Parsons
"My name is Libby Parsons and I'm an instructor pilot currently exploring the United States through my flying. I was born and raised in North Carolina and learned to fly there. I later moved to Jacksonville Florida where I flew for part of the summer. I then wanted a little more adventure and to see other parts of the country. So I decided to move out to Phoenix Arizona where I helped train the Shen Zhen airline pilots. 
I absolutely loved that and had a blast! I really enjoyed Phoenix and its 110 degree summers. But I still wanted to adventure some more. So I landed a job in Alaska instructing and later a job flying cargo and aerial surveys around the arctic circle and the Arctic Ocean along the pipelines in the northern most part of Alaska. I am set to move back to Phoenix in September and continue to instruct.

My long term goal is to fly for FedEx or UPS.

It's been an amazing journey and I have learned and experienced so much and met so many unbelievably amazing people along the way. 

One fun and unique fact about me is I like to sew clothes and make jewelry. My father and I sewed my prom dress from scratch my senior year of highschool. I'm also a nerd at heart and ran a freelance web design company for 5 years while in college and through flight school."

For anyone who would like to fly with Libby, you can email here at:
Enjoy The Journey!


  1. Nice to meet you, Libby! I also used to live in (Nashville), NC between RDU and Rocky Mt and also lived in the JAX, FL area for a short while. Thank you so much for choosing to fly and be apart of our amazing aviation network. Also a huge thanks to Karlene for sharing! Have a great weekend, everyone!

    1. Thank you so much Jeremy!! Libby is pretty amazing for sure!!

  2. Libby,

    Get your apps in at FedEx especially if you don't think your is ready. One thing that look for the amount of time the app have been in the system and how often it is updates. Once a month is perfect amount to update. Your job is to show them how much you want the job and the lengths you will do to stay current. Best of luck and if you need anything, ask Karlene to give you my e-mail address.


    1. Rob, this is great advice! Do they still want the application even if she did not meet the requirements yet? I've heard during the application process... that if someone isn't qualified yet, they get put in a different category. But not sure if Fed Ex is part of that system. Thank you so much for the information!!


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