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Friday, August 14, 2015

Children's Museum of Central Oregon

Is underway!

My middle Daughter, Kayla, has started a non-profit organization for the children of Central Oregon!

(And all others whose parents will make the drive and or flight)
 Children's Museum of Central Oregon

"Our mission is to serve as a place for children to create, explore and investigate their world through immersive hands on experiences, and as a resource for families of all types to grow and learn together."

If you want to be part of the education process and help grow the future, we would love your support! They need funding to acquire the location, supplies, staff and operating expenses.

Click HERE
to make this mission a reality.

Loving the Lego WeDo!
Such a fun way to introduce kiddos to robotics and coding.

All donations are tax deductible 

and go to a great purpose!

For me... Officially the first year of school is complete! Finals a success and the second summer session is over. I'm switching hats and heading to recurrent training, as the next adventure begins. On the flight home I will put the author hat on, and begin working on Flight For Survival. When I land, I will have a week off and heading to the beach with all my daughters and grandkids in one place for the first annual summer vacation.

THANK YOU for your supporting the

Enjoy the Journey! 
XO Karlene


  1. Awesome idea!!! I will definitely spread the word about this and I am aiming for this to be one of my stops when the time comes for me to visit the west coast again.

    I am almost complete with my second reading of Flight For Safety and thought about Flight For Survival - so thank you for the update!!

    1. Jeremy, Thank you so much!!! And wait until you see what's going to happen next. The creative juices are flowing!


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