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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Coercion to Fly Sick

Contract negotiations are underway at many airlines. One of the greatest issues found in many contracts is the sick-leave policy. 

There will always be a certain percentage of people everywhere who will abuse policies. However, when negotiating contracts for everyone, the majority of employees should not be penalized for the misdirection of the minority.

There are ways to fix a sick-leave problem without harming the majority. 

  • Instead of aligning sick-leave renewal for everyone during the same month, align during date of hire. This will absorb the impact of the minority abuses.  

  • Allow sick leave to accumulate, in the event of a long-term crisis. Pilots are responsible and will bank this security.

  • Provide financial incentive for not using sick-leave. There is a value there to both you and the company.  

  • If  sick-leave allows a pilot to "double-dip" to fly on days being paid on sick-leave... fix that. Do not change the entire process and punish everyone forcing them to work ill.

Understanding Pilot Fatigue

The most important thing to remember is 
do not fly sick!

When pilots are not healthy, they cannot make the best decisions. They may think they can manage; but the reality is, unintentional errors are made when pilots are not physically or mentally 100%.

Nobody is mentally 100% when they are ill!

If there is any chance 
that the structure of a pilot contract 
Could force anyone 
to fly sick 
It's your responsibility to say 

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

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