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Monday, June 22, 2015

Contract Negotiations and FEAR

"Fear is like fire. It can cook for you. 
It can heat your house. 
Or it can burn you down."
Cus C'Amato (Flight To Success)

With contract negotiations underway at many airlines, management and misdirected union reps will attempt to coerce decisions based on fear of what "might" happen. 

There are a few rules of the road about dealing with fear and the decision-making process, be it for aircraft safety or contract negotiations. 

NEVER make a decision based on fear.

Make your decisions based on what is right!

Need versus Want: 

The difference between need and want during negotiating and any decision-making process:

We all want to fly the plane to destination. But we do not need to. If the weather is down, the plane is broken, it's unsafe, or the conditions are not right... you would not go. That is a decision based on the correct response for the condition...Not Fear. 

You do not fear your job, the pressure from passengers, or what might happen if you make the right decision to cancel a flight. Fear should not factor into this decision-making process. Professional pilots know this and make the appropriate decisions.

The same decision-making process should exist with contract negotiations!

Do not fear what might happen... 

Make the right decision
based on the conditions...

The BEST results will prevail!

Far too often negotiations result in fear based decision-making. Fear of the unknown. Fear of what might happen. Fear of coercion from others. Management counts on your fear to push you into making the wrong decision during negotiations to what they think is their benefit. There was a time they did this in the airplane, until the FAA came to our side in the interest of safety. 
Negotiations are different. You have nobody to help support you in making the right decision, and nobody stopping others from instilling fear. You have to be strong and do the right thing for the right reasons.
Be strong. Fly Safe. 

Make the right decision!
And if the conditions are not in your favor for the best results... 

Say "NO!"

This is a pilots' responsibility.

"On the 24th!" 

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

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