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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Power of Boeing 787



Ever wonder why you feel overdone after flying for any length of time at altitude? A picture tells a thousand words the difference a couple thousand feet of Pressure Altitude can make. 

The balloon on the right is the cabin pressure altitude your body experiences during a flight in a normal jet at 8000 ft.  On the left is what you'll experience flying in the 787.

A 2000 foot cabin, makes all the difference between fatigue, bloating, and dehydration... or not. Which would you rather be: A wilted flower, bloated like a balloon, or a delicate comfortable flower? The choice is yours. 

Fly Boeing 787
Airbus... you have work to do. 
I want to be a delicate flower upon arrival!


Okay... here's the deal. I did not commute on a 787 to Portland for the first leg of my journey. The adventure was that of another kind:

It all started with jumpseating with way too much stuff.

I tried to get out of the house, but due to life I allowed three flights to go to Portland without me.  But I made it in time for the 3 p.m. to find it was delayed until 4:05 p.m. But... the 4. p.m. is going at 4. So, I go to the 4 p.m. to get the jumpseat. In the commuting world we take the first flight we can. 

Yes... two flights to Portland at the same time.  3 minutes before departure... I'm on! A Horizon pilot helps me carry the special box down the stairs. He's commuting too. But then...

It turns out that they double booked a seat. The Horizon pilot bumps up to the flight deck, I bump out of the flight deck, onto the ramp and back up to the waiting area. The agent was wonderful! Not only did we use the elevator, but she said, "I will get you on the next flight." 

Oh.. but it turns out the 3 p.m. has not left yet, and I get on that flight, and we depart at 4.50. And we actually beat 2057 out of the gate, which was technically supposed to be the next flight. Above is a typical standby list. Sometimes it can be pages long with no seats assigned.

Thankfully life turned out the way it did. I had the great fortune to sit beside Dennis the Menace. Well worth the trip! You meet the greatest people on the road. 

Dinner came late by the time I reached my hotel in the form of room services. A late night bath with a great book. And the doors in the hallway began their morning ritual way too early. Today might be a great time for first break. I'm ready.

Oh... why added post? I could not get on the internet last night, and 787 was scheduled to go. Such is life on the road. 

More to come....

XO Karlene

Flight For Safety, I may not have written yesterday, but I got the best line for Darby from Dennis. It sounded exactly like something she would say.


  1. I want to hear more about Dennis the Menace...and tell An hello!!

    No, you shouldn't be on a ladder. Another airline pilot, Neil Atkinson, was on his roof at Starfish Point in Newport, Oregon. He realized he was frozen with fear and couldn't get down. They called the fire department!! Talk about embarrassing...or funny! (I miss Neil...he died a few years back, and was great to fly with.)

    Also, who's kitchen is that?? It looks so empty!! ;)

    1. Ahhh... and I forgot to give you credit for the great photo! Yes.. more about Dennis. Plot points everywhere!

  2. K-
    You ever slow down? Commuting is hard enough without toting extra bags (kinda true about Life in general too...).
    Looks like you'll be picking up a few numbers shortly-even Rand is bailing.
    Tim 8DME_W_ORD

  3. Two speeds. Fast. Stop. lol. Actually, I am slowing down in the second week in October. I am going to a Yoga retreat in a remote location on a Hawaii Island. That will be slow down. Now... off to Portland.

    Yes... extra baggage. But I had a special gift for my friend An. It was important.

  4. You definitely shouldn't be on a ladder painting the side of your house without a paint can. Can't get much done there. One day off and painting your house??? The picture looks staged. Care to comment?

    1. Oh... that's funny. I had a plastic container of paint up there. Not the entire can. But one thing for sure... staging on a ladder, that's plane silly. Or is that plain? I only risk my life for the real thing.

      And to comment. I only painted that side. We were installing a generator while gone for the weekend, and it was much easier to paint before the beast was laying in the ground below.

      Yes, when you only have a day here and there, you paint, tile, weed, mow, pay bills. The work just piles up while you're away, and you squeeze it in when you can. Just the way life is in the fast lane of the jet stream.


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