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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day Before The Flight...

Or day after as the case may be.
The life of a pilot...Squeezing every moment out of an hour. 

Last week I said good by to NATCO...Northwest Airlines Training Center... which was more than likely my last training event in MSP.  Since they are moving South.

I came home for one day and needed to paint the side of my house prior to my generator being put in while I was in Texas. Yes, I am afraid of heights... and pilot shouldn't be on ladders... but I got it done!


While I was doing that, Dick was on the other side of the house ripping the deck out and rebuilding with TREX

A few months ago, I turned part of my deck into an office. The grey area is the office addition that I've yet to paint. The new deck, and the kitchen (which is just to the right) will extend over the existing deck. We're also going up with high ceilings. 

I painted, then the next day flew to Austin to babysit Mr. Carter for a few days. He's growing up so fast! And a little doll. Getting into everything, even cupboards.

Commuting Gods were in our favor and we got home last night. Today was a busy day because tomorrow I head out on the ten day adventure, and there was so much to do!

To start the day, I took my granddaughter Kohyn to get her first pedicure. Of course we had to get pink toes. Then we dined at Red Robin.

A few errands and I was back home starting the evening project... Emptying all the cupboards and drawers in my kitchen, because while I'm out flying, it will be ripped apart. So here is what it use to look like. And in a few months, we'll have the new kitchen. 

There just wasn't enough room in my little kitchen for my growing family. So it's time to expand. 

I like to do the fun things during a remodel, so... in this kitchen, the painting, floor tiles, and counters were all my doing. The new kitchen... more of the same, but I'm building a fire place too! 

Today is the beginning of my ten day trip. And rumor has it I am flying with one of the nicest A330 captains. And... I get to see my friend An in Amsterdam. What could be better? 

Life is busy. More to come on the road... 


What are you doing that's fun this summer? 

It's all part of the journey. Enjoy!

XO Karlene


  1. Busy indeed, you aren't kidding! I can hardly wait to see all the improvements! And yay for Kohyn's first pedicure, how adorable!

    1. Yes... you and Ed will have to come back and we'll have a big kitchen. And that pedicure... it's the right of passage for the little girls. Next time... Museum of Flight. She loves planes.

  2. This is your kitchen as I know and remember it! When I was in Seatltle you talked about your plans of enlarging it and now you are really going to have it done!
    I admire you for doing all that..
    And YES, we will meet in Amsterdam on friday... One more day from today!!!!!
    Can hardly wait to see you again!!!
    XOXO An

    1. Next time you will see the new one! And so glad I'm doing it, but time to do everything is an issue. See you Friday! Yay!!

  3. Summer fun and construction are two concepts that just do not go together for me, Karlene, but oh, my, I do admire your handiwork. Just be careful lifting those fireplace stones into place, or you'll end up with black and blue toes instead of pink! I know your new kitchen and deck will be gorgeous. My summer fun--going to one of my most favorite places in the world, Cannon Beach. (Say hi to An for me when you're in Amsterdam!)

    1. Oh... Cannon Beach! I love it. We should do a writer's retreat there. You can scope it out. Enjoy the beach.... best place on earth next to the mountains. Now a beach in the mountains? Heaven. Have fun and I'll say hi to An and give her a huge hug for you too!

  4. Very exciting stuff for you Karlene! I am glad you were able to go to AUS to see Carter and I am assuming Biscuit. Also excited to see your house being redone. Even more excited that you are going to AMS to see An!! I really hope you have a great time over there and that you have the opportunity to fly with one of the nicest A330 Captains.

    Please keep an eye on my website within the next few days as I plan to have a surprise coming your way. I've put the past 14 years of my life into it!

    Only exciting things our way.. Have a great rest of your summer and of course, I am definitely looking forward to the fall. :D

    Fly safe and lots of pics! (PS, thanks for the NATCO shot)

    1. Thank you Jeremy. Yes... lots of pictures for sure! And... I have more of NATCO. That will come soon. Yes life is exciting, and speeding along way too fast. I will keep an eye on your sight. Now... time to fly. :)
      Have a great day and thank you so much for the comment!

  5. You are a busy busy bee, dear Karlene. The remodeling sounds like a huge job, but you will have a brand new kitchen. So exciting.

    Ah, those pedicures are so much fun. My daughter adores having her nails done :-)

    As for the summer - we spent a few weeks in Poland, including a wonderful trip to the Baltic coast. It's so nostalgic for me to be there, since it reminds me so much of my childhood. Maybe one day I can live by the beach and see the Baltic Sea on daily basis.

    1. Busy bee for sure. And I'm expecting you to come and have coffee by the fire in my new kitchen!

      Keep those dreams alive. Living on the beach by the Baltic Sea. Wonderful! I'll come and visit, too. Thanks for your comment!

  6. Karlene, every time I read about what all you're doing, my tongue hangs out, and I want to go take a nap. You've got at least ten times my energy level.

    You've got to share the pleasure of pedicures with your husband. They're not JUST for women, you know.

    1. Oh... for the last 10 years I've been trying to get him to go. Never. But he went last Austin visit with Torrey and Krysta (kids) and I stayed with the baby. He said, "not bad." But this time he didn't want to. :)

      Oh...seriously, I need to find energy. lol. Thanks for the comment!


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