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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Navigating the A330...

Where Are You?

When Navigating and monitoring progress on the A330, how do you know where you are? Looking at the MCDU below, we can see we're abeam (AB) some point 070D. Not unless we select the prompt to the left will we know what that point is. 

However, looking at the point below N65W080 one might assume we are navigating to North 65 West 080. What do we see when we line select that point?

We are not flying 65.00.0N/080.00.0W, But actually flying 6.15.00N 080.19.2.W. How can that be?

Did you know that when you select "Abeam" on a Lat/long waypoint the AB doesn't show up because there aren't enough digits? The "name" of the waypoint remains the same. But with further investigation we can see where we are actually navigating across a different point in space. 

The point is... When checking your route, take the time to expand the waypoints to see where you are going. Taking that extra moment can save you an enroute deviation in the event something other than what you planned was uploaded.

Where am I? 

The morning was gorgeous flying in. With the sun rising, wisps of fog drifted across the countryside. Winds calm. Many planes arriving and in competition for the radio. After a beautiful landing by the Captain... the day began with a short nap and then a walk to Luxembourg Park. He jogged, I wandered around and did a photo shoot. I can totally see Darby in this park with a glass of wine.

Who would like to join her? Perhaps in 50 Shades of Aviation. Until then... enjoy the photos. 

Enjoy the Journey....  and stay on course!

XO Karlene

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  1. Very Nice pics of Paris! Oh the life... Hard work and sacrifice still do reap rewards!

    1. Thank you Chris. Yes, and all that fun and then we sacrifice sleep. But flying sure brings the world closer.

  2. Wow! Paris...I still have to get there on vacation!! Hope you have a great crew...enjoy the journey!! ;)

    1. Kathy, lets go to Paris together! And we can invite An. I'll buddy pass Linda. We can have a girls trip. That would be so much fun!

  3. What does the D stand for in AB070D?

    1. The D doesn't stand for anything in particular. The waypoint just came across with that title. I do not see many with a code such as that. It was just an odd point. If it does have a hidden meaning, I don't know what it is.


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