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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

8500-8 Goes Paperless

Did you know?

Dr. Larry Reports:

"The FAA has been moving from a paper driven to a paperless system for the past ten years and nowhere is this more evident than on the medical side. For decades, pilots filled out a triplicate paper form 8500-8. The form went digital in 2006 when MedXPress became the preferred option to complete this form online. In the latest move to go completely paperless, it was just announced that all pilots as of October 1, 2012, will have to fill out the 8500-8 electronically as the paper copy will go away completely.

For most of the aviation community, especially the pilots we serve and those reading this post, completing the application online is relatively easy and already a fact of life. For those who have resisted or have other reasons to not participating online, it’s time to get onboard. Upgrades being made to the system will make it even more desirable to complete the work online as well.

As one AME who dreams of the simplest system, your efforts to increase quality and efficiency are greatly appreciated. You can read more on the formal announcement from the Federal Air Surgeon by clicking HERE"

Thanks Dr. Larry!

Scheduling just called. 1:56 for a 2:50 report. I've got to get flying. Haneda. Short layover. LA. Short layover. Salt Lake/Seattle. I'll be home in time for the BUG Party on Saturday.

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene


  1. Hey sounds like a great Haneda trip! Enjoy! On another note, I'm pretty unhappy to hear about the 8500 form. I have made numerous attempts to fill it out online and always had a problem and ended up doing it at the office on paper, which only takes a few minutes. The FAA always goes with the lowest bidder for website design and no matter what they say, it's never user friendly. This is a step backwards in my opinion.

    1. Daniel, I'm home and it was a quick trip. I too have had problems in the past, but each time it gets easier. I wish they would save your last years info and we could update. Very interesting to know about the lowest bidder on the website design.

  2. Yay for the paperless - so much better for the environment and easier on the users.
    Have a great and safe trip, Karlene!

    1. Thanks Angela! Change is always a challenge, but yes... way better in the long run!


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